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On accommodating a man with a large penis

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Many women have problems accommodating a man with a large penis.
Often times they have no idea about not being able to fit a large penis inside them until they enter the world of swinging.
It is a common fantasy of women to experience a large penis and it is a common fantasy of many men to see their wives have sex with a well hung man.

Eventually in swinging you will get the opportunity.
Then it turns out for many that it is not possible or that it is painful.

Basic advice would be to relax and use a lot of lube.
Most women who can almost get it in while in missionary can succeed if straddling the man from on top.
If however it is still painful why go through the trouble?
The same can be said for anal sex as for vaginal sex.
If it isn’t pleasurable then it is not worth doing.

We recently got a product in the mail that was made specifically for that problem.
It’s target clientele is people who have sexual anxiety or discomfort while having sex.
It is called the Berman Center Intimate Accessories Dilator Set, and it was sent to us for review from Good Vibrations.
Besides being a way to slowly work your way up to accommodating a larger penis the package claims that it can be used for woman who want to “strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.”
Not so sure on how it would help with that over any other vibrator, but that’s what it claims.

The basic premise is that you slowly work your way up.
(We recommend a lot of lube if you feel tightness)
It comes with 4 sizes. A base size plus 3 attachments. Then there is a silicone sleeve that has some very nice feeling bumps on it. (definitely use a lot of lube with that)
Including the sleeve you get a total of 7 sizes because it doesn’t work with the smallest size.
The vibrations are controlled with a dialer knob on the end and it is very easy to hold so you can angle it exactly as you wish.
It is also water-proof, so it is great for the bath.

Most women who swing don’t have problems accommodating an average mans size and this goes just a bit over that in size.
Where we thought it would be beneficial to many swingers though is with anal sex.
If a man is really into anal sex and knows what he is doing he can dilate an anus well enough before penetration to cause zero pain and only pleasure.
Most men (yes the word is MOST) don’t posses those skills.
Many women have had some painful experiences with anal and learned to not trust and not enjoy it.
This is a great toy / tool for learning to relax and enjoy plus accommodate even a large penis in the anus.
If you decide to use it for that however we recommend not using the silicone sleeve and using a lot of anal lube.
Go very slow and work your way up over a couple months.
Eventually you will become more accommodating in the back end and able to take a normal penis without pain even if he doesn’t posses true ass man skills.

NOTE: Go slow! If you tear the anus it can cause permanent damage. Never force it. Never rush it. Going slow is safe and will not cause you any problems.
The anal sphincter muscles can stretch the same way any other muscles can stretch.
If you go to fast they can tear. If you go slow they become more limber so to speak and actually stronger.

Berman Center Intimate Accessories Dilator Set quick stats
Vibration speeds variable through dialer
Small base size plus 3 interlocking graduated sizes for a total of 4 sizes
Soft silicone sleeve with very nice bumps included (ads more sizes)
This device IS waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower
Comes with a nice pouch to keep it all in
Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
Made by California Exotic Novelties
Available from Good Vibrations.

This fun little tidbit was written by Aarron.
Product model is Miranda who says she doesn’t need dilated, but still enjoyed testing the product and claims that the little fun bumps are great.

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