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The latex sensitive swinger and condoms

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When we first started swinging I ran into an odd situation once with a very sexy couple.
We had all hit it off and went to a play room at a club and started to get a little busy.
When the time came to glove up and have some serious fun the male half of the couple informed us that he was allergic to latex and couldn’t use condoms.

We told them we didn’t play without condoms.
After a brief discussion that including him swearing up and down that he was “safe and tested” we excused ourselves.

In hindsight I think the guy was a liar and used latex allergies as an excuse to get bareback sex.
The reason I think that is because I have heard similar stories from others.

Sorry Charlie… No way are you getting in there without a condom!

If you want to fuck me you need a condom

If you want to fuck me you need a condom

Not everybody who claims latex sensitivity is full of crap and just trying to get some bareback action.
I myself developed latex sensitivities through using latex gloves at work over a bunch of years.
Getting into nitrile gloves instead of latex made that sensitivity lessen over the years however and now I am golden using any condom (Though I have my favorites)

When I do have to use a non latex condom though I go with the Trojan Supra Condom.
The reasons for that are:

  1. I trust them to not break.
  2. They are Ultra-thin and let me actually feel what I want to be feeling.
  3. They are safe not only with water based lubes… but also with oil based lubes.
  4. They are long enough to wrap it all the way up.

Oh… and since I mentioned them being used with oil based lubes.
That little fact makes them the best choice for use if you have been playing with massage oils.
One thing I have noticed in swinging is that many people lack certain information they really should have.
Massage oils break down condoms.
If you give an erotic massage and then end up having sex without showing off the oils you WILL get some of that oil on the condom.
It only takes a tiny bit and the latex of a condom will break down and viruses can get through.
When I say a little bit I am talking just brushing up against a leg with a tad of oil rubbed in.
Polyurethane does not break down from touching those oils.

 Try a Trojan Supra on your next swinging adventure

Try a Trojan Supra on your next swinging adventure


We are not novice swingers anymore.
We plan for most things and situations so an issue like we had back when we started can’t happen.
We both have our favorite condoms Miranda and I have different favorites) but both agree on our favorite non latex condom.
We ALWAYS have a few with us just in case we run into a person who is allergic or has sensitivities to latex.

Trojan is a big brand.
You can buy the Supra at pretty much any drugstore and most super markets.
We however get ours through Good Vibrations.
If you would like a direct link… Here it is.
However you decide to get them… get them and toss a few in your swingers bag just in case you run into a super sexy couple claiming “latex allergies” that doesn’t happen to have non latex condoms with them.

This post was (mostly) written by Aarron

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  • Hubman

    A few weeks ago Veronica and I played with a couple, in the midst of the action the woman announces that she’s very particular about the type of condoms she uses and needed to find them. I wish I had known ahead of time, mine were close by but they weren’t her preferred type.

    I don’t remember the packaging, but I suspect they were non-latex condoms, I just wish she would have said something sooner during our play time. I should get some non-latex condoms to have, just in case something like that happens again.

    I’ve never heard the “I’m allergic” excuse as a way to get bareback sex, but I can believe it!

  • admin

    I have preferred condoms myself and always try to make sure they are close by if play is even a maybe type situation.
    It always lessens the heat of the moment for a condom hunt to ensue.
    Lucky for me though it is just a preference and not a need, so any condom will work if mine are not close at hand.
    If she was that particular it probably was due to latex or lube sensitivity.
    Some condoms have very irritating lubes on them too.


  • BB

    I thought that I had a latex sensitivity, so before Josh and I started swinging, we bought some of the Supras. They did NOT work for Josh. They were just too tight and don’t have nearly as much give as latex. After some experimentation, we determined that it is not latex that I am allergic to, but spermicide. So, needless to say, I carry my own condoms with me everywhere I go.

    It’s a shame that there are people out there who would use an allergy as an excues to not condom up. Ugh, it’s just not safe at all!


  • Josh

    We always carry and provide condoms for our encounters. My wife has an issue with spermacide that causes her nasty irritation the day after she encounters it. It also prevents the problem of the other couple “forgetting” condoms. Safe play > No play > Risky Play.

    The only issue I take with the Supras (and it may be with all polyurethane condoms) is that it is not as stretchy. My uses of them resulted in the base of the condom feeling like it was 2 sizes too small.

    P.S. Wow that is some hot hair!

  • admin

    Polyurethane condoms are not very stretchy.
    I have heard that they are working on another alternative, but who knows when that will actually happen.
    The supra is snug at the base, but I have tried all the polyurethane condoms out there that I can find and the supra is sadly the largest I can find.
    Without resorting to lambskin (not an option in swinging) or the female condoms (also not on my to use list) the supra is pretty much the best in size and sensation.

    If you know of a larger fitting and safe non latex condom id love it if someone shared.

    ~ Aarron

  • admin

    The lubes used on a lot of condoms can be very nasty.
    Especially the spermicides.
    I have a couple diferent friends that use non lubricated condoms and just apply their own favorite lube for that very reason.

    The size options with polyurethane condoms is pretty small.
    It’s stupid too because they are not very stretchy so if you can’t find a good fit you are out of luck.
    You would think they would have many more size options in polyurethane than latex for that very reason.

    P.S. Josh – Thanks!
    I actually got my hair cut just the day before this picture was taken.


  • BB

    … and, yeah, I totally second Josh’s sentiments about your hair. I was about to come post something about it when I noticed that Josh already had!

    I would love to hear if someone knows of a reputable polyurethane condom that was larger. They seem to be about an inch short and an inch too small in diameter for Josh, but I do remember liking how they felt on my end.

  • Swingers Attic

    Thank you very much BB!


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