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Coming out as swingers to our daughter

by on Feb.23, 2011, under Unsorted

We have been in the lifestyle for many years and have two teenage children.
Our son who is 17  just found out about what we do because a friend of his at school happens to be the child of some play partners we have and somehow it all got pieced together.
After a serious talk with him all seems to be fine and he doesn’t think anything is wrong with what we like to do for fun.
Through experience we know that eventually he will tell his sister even though he said he wouldn’t. Secrets don’t last long between them.
She is 14 years old and unlike her brother is very judgmental and opinionated. She will not approve.
We have asked a few lifestyle friends who have children that know about their lifestyle choices and received no good advice.
We would rather tell her ourselves than have it come from her brother, but just don’t know how to go about it.
Any ideas would be helpful.

By Miranda-
My husband and I have a three year old daughter and I’m the type of parent that believes in honesty at all cost.
When my daughter’s of age to know about our sexuality I fully intend to tell her. Whether she’s the type to judge me or not. The reason being is I want my daughter, even though she may not agree with my sexual life choices to see that everyone beats to a different drummer and there’s no right or wrong when it comes to a lifestyle.
I think even though you’re really nervous about telling her, and because she’s your daughter and you know her reactions and chemical make up to such things, it makes the decision I believe you two have already made, just a bit harder.
You don’t want your son to be the news breaker but who’s to say a friend of hers doesn’t already know…you don’t.
So my advice to you is stick to you heart’s decision and sit down and have the talk even though it may go really badly, and she may be weirded out for a while.
Think of it as giving her something many parent’s NEVER give their children.
1. complete honesty and 2. sexual freedom to make her own choices later down the road about her sexuality without feeling guilty. 
You as her parent’s live a lifestyle where sexual expression isn’t frowned upon but looked at as a better play-date.  
We all forge our children, trying to make them all  they can be, but I think in doing so alot of us forget about the sexually confident child we should be raising as well. 
I’m not an expert on talking to my child about such things yet.
Who knows… when the time comes my daughter may put her hands over her ears and run from the room screaming, but I’d like to think that opening the door to other possible sexual lifestyles may keep her from acting irresponsibly or later on living a sexually repressed life. 
Our society is full of judging and hypocrisy.
Look at that girl shaking her ass on the web…don’t do that!  Do as I say not as I do…what a complete contradiction. 
Show your daughter honesty and prepare to have a sexually confident and honest teenager in the future.  A teenager who can grow up and hopefully treat her children in the same manner you treated her. 
Great child rearing breads great child rearing.  Thank you for the fantastic question, one of the best ones I’ve had the privilege of answering yet.
Thank you!  I wish you luck with your children now and always.   

By Aarron-
Since she is bound to find out anyway through her brother it is obviously time for a sit down and talk session with your daughter.
I can say from experience that even if your child doesn’t agree with your choices they can be understanding.
Besides our three year old I have a grown son (mid twenties) who did not agree with my own way of living and still doesn’t when it comes to his own choices.
His mother was bisexual and had a few girlfriends over the years. At one point we all lived in a triad type situation for a long time.
My son is more of a one on one type that isn’t into such things.
He is a one woman man and holds monogamy as his way of life.
Because we did not hide things from him he grew up to be very tolerant of other peoples choices and we are true friends.
I plan on always being truthful with my daughter in the same way so that we can always share and be true friends besides being just father and daughter.
It saddens me when I see people hiding major components of their lives from those they would like to be truly close with.
My own opinion is that if you have to hide a major aspect of who and what you are from someone it keeps a distancing between you that doesn’t allow for true friendship.
Dealing with teens is sometimes hard.
In my experience I have noticed many of them think that whatever they think is the ONLY way to think. They act like they know everything.
You are not facing a question of if you should talk to her because she either already knows or will soon find out from her brother and the talk is imminent.
It is going to happen no matter what. It’s just up to you as to if you wish to bring it up yourselves or wait for her to do it.
I’d suggest you do it if for no other reason than it will not give her the feeling of being purposely left out of the loop by you.
I don’t have any real advice on how to bring this subject up with your daughter because nobody knows how a teenage girl will act.
All I can do is wish you luck.
“Good luck!”

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A cute mini G-spot vibrator to take anywhere

by on Feb.20, 2011, under Spice

This is the Dreamy-G Mini G-Spot Vibrator

Swingers Daydream Mini G-Spot Vibrator

I received this cute little vibrator from Good Vibrations.
My first thought was that it was pretty and the texture was very nice. 
The silky smooth “Velvet-Cote â„¢”  material seriously is wonderful to touch.
This little G spot vibe was however a tad smaller than I like for a primary vibe.
It also didn’t have a ton of vibe pattern settings, and was not extremely powerful.
The shape is fun and feels great used both inside and out of my pleasure places, but that isn’t why I am sharing this vibe here on The Swingers Attic.

This little vibe is perfect to keep in your purse and take with you to parties

I’m sharing it here because this is a great little go anyplace vibe.

As a general rule I never take toys on outings or feel like I need to masturbate in a public place but with the Dreamy-G Mini G-Spot Vibrator this may need to happen.
This adorable little toy is small enough to fit in your purse or overnight bag and the best part is it’s whisper quiet, should you feel the urge to use it while in an airplane bathroom (hey it could happen) or in a movie theater (also a possibility).

I may ask Aarron to use it on me in a busy restaurant or to vibrate me in a private library corner. I’m certainly going to make sure I take it with me next time we go dancing in a vanilla bar.
The Dreamy-G has me daydreaming of places to go and misbehave.

When we go out with couples or to parties we have a couple different swinger bags.
Bag one is for couples we already play with and know.
It includes some very fun toys, lots of lube selections, changes of naughty attire, and other things bag two doesn’t contain.
Swinger Bag number two has just the essentials like condoms, some lube, mints, mouthwash, sex wipes, etc…
Bag two is for when we go with playing in mind, but are not 100% sure it’s going to happen or don’t know the people well enough to know their play styles.

This little vibe is going in my purse.
It will be taken along for the ride no matter what swingers bag we have chosen.
It will journey along any time I am going out.

With it’s small size, low noise, sexy texture, and cute looks I can’t imagine any girlie saying no to me showing them how it works. *wink*

Perfect tiny swingers vibrator for parties and play

I’m loving my new Dreamy-G.
If you decide to get one… Don’t leave home without it!

Here is a direct link to the Dreamy-G Mini G-Spot Vibrator at Good Vibrations.
Check it out.
Thank you Good Vibes!


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