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First I would like to say that I love your site and it has been a big help to my wife and I because it solved a dilemma we had about separate room swapping a couple months back.
Second I would like to say that I have searched everywhere for what I am seeking.
I have followed links off of every sex blog I could find, I’ve used every directory I know of and I have signed up for alerts on google with no results.
What I am looking for is some swingers journals or blogs by swingers that are about what they do in the lifestyle.
The few I have run into that seemed to be real shared experiences type blogs have all disappeared.
I have found gazoodles of blogs about swinging  and on the topic in general, but I can’t find any diary type blogs.
If you know of any or know of a secret listing please share it.
Thank you.

By Aarron-
(Miranda is skipping this one because it only takes one person to list some links)
Glad we helped you out with one of our previous posts. That’s what we are always hoping for when we are answering the questions.
So… Blogs – I understand your dilemma.
I also enjoy reading such blogs, but rarely come across them.
You’d think I’d have a huge list considering that I spend an awful lot of time reading blogs, but what you are seeking is a rarity.
The average lifespan of a journal style swingers blog is way under a year from what I have noticed.
They come and they go… never to reemerge again.
Some of the reasons for this are that
- People in the lifestyle like to keep things secret. (no desire to have a blog)
- Swingers get outed by blogging (no more blog, swinging, job, and lots of drama)
- Couples break up (no more swinging and nothing to blog about)
- They just drop from the lifestyle (nothing to blog about)
- They get bored of their blog (no more blogging)
- They leave the journal format and expand (blog still exists, but is a different critter altogether)

Because blogs like you are seeking are so rare I went searching around myself and came up pretty empty.
Instead of listing my search results I have listed a few blogs that I already know of and would consider to fit the definition of a “swinging journal” style blog in my mind.

Our Open Marriage Adventures One of the most down to earth explorations of opening up a marriage I have run into as far as blogs go. This one will fit what you are looking for well.
New York Swingers Here you will find all the details from a couple in the New York Swingers Scene. They pretty much give you a play by play of what they are doing and what they are thinking.
Steve and Vic Swing This blog has “some” of what you seem to be looking for. You will find personal ideas and stories, but also some commercialization and posts that are on swinging related subjects, but not of the type your seeking.
Kissing Blue Personal stories, thoughts, opinions, and descriptions of their adventures are all included in this blog. You will also find this blog has a pretty good amount of pictures to go along with things sometimes.
Sex Babble Lola’s blog is pretty much a sexy whatever type blog and not what I’d  classify as a swingers blog, but still it does fit the bill if you keep reading. It covers all aspects of sex from Lola’s point of view and like Kissing blue is pretty image loaded.
Hornynecouple Is a couples sex blog and they do include swinging, but I wouldn’t classify it as a “swingers” blog exactly.
Being Bella This is a newer blog, but it does involve their swinging activities.

Pretty small list if I must say so myself.
Considering that billions of websites exist nowadays, you’d think I could have come up with more off the top of my head.
I do know of a lot more that talk about their swinging or mention it every rare once in a while, but even if I included those it would be a sad little list.
Most of the sites like LL and SLS offer blogs to members, but they are not fully functional blogs like blogger and wordpress sites. They can be fun to read though.

If you have a lifestyle journal type blog or know of one please feel free to share it people.
I know I’d like to take a peek.


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  • Mike

    I’m not one to leave an unsolicited plug for my blog, but since you’ve asked, I’ll offer “Shared Cindy” as a consideration. If it’s not what you were seeking, my apologies.

    The sub-header of the masthead reads, “The musings of a married man who has evolved into sharing his wonderful wife with other select men and women.”

    It’s a blog chronicling our journey through sharing, live-in lovers, swinging and the many variations in-between. Sometimes wild, sometimes not so. All stories are true.

    Hope you like it… if you do, please leave a comment so I’ll know how you found me.


  • Swingers Attic

    Thanks for the link Mike, I took a glance and can say that I will certainly be giving it a read sometime soon.


  • Lola

    Thanks for including me on your list. :)
    Inspires me to include a bit more from our swinging adventures.

  • Swingers Attic

    Your welcome Lola, hope you do include more swinging adventures because I think real lifestyle experience stories are very beneficial to people entering or considering the lifestyle. (Plus the entertainment value)


  • Hubman

    Since you asked…

    My blog has quite a bit of variety, dominated mostly by my photography, but the page with “Swing Shift Archives” contains links to over 40 posts Veronica and I have written about being swingers. Not so much blow-by-blow adventures, more advice oriented, but if someone enters “swinging” in the search field on the left sidebar a bit of additional content will show up besides Swing Shift.

    I hadn’t heard of some of the blogs you listed, I’ll have to check those out.

  • Swingers Attic

    Howdy Hubman, I thought about listing a few personal blogs with swinging being a component of them as I know of a few like yours and my own Inferno blog that have swinging journal type entries. In general though I don’t really consider such blogs as swinging journals because they don’t make up the bulk of the content. I probably should have listed them though because like yours… most make it easy to find the swinging related stories.


  • Rocky

    That first one is exactly what I was looking for.
    So is kissing blue.
    I already new of New York Swingers and read it whenever they update.
    Thank you for taking the time to respond.
    All of the sites you listed are good and I will read through every one of them.

  • Swingers Attic

    Glad you found something Rocky.
    With such a short list I wasn’t sure.


  • BB

    So, I’m behind in my own blog reading, but thanks for the shout-out! I always welcome more readers!


  • Swingers Attic

    Your welcome BB.
    Seems you got at least one new reader in Rocky for sure.
    Glad we could help Rocky.



  • Karen Blue

    Thanks for listing me here. I have you listed as one of the blogs I follow and I love that you pegged mine as a journal, that is exactly what I was going for. I am checking out all the others on your list and the ones mentioned in the comments. Thanks!
    ~Karen Blue

  • Swingers Attic

    Your very welcome Karen.
    Hope you find one you think worth reading.
    It’s always nice to find fun blogs.

    Also, thanks for the link to our site.
    We love when lifestyle related sites and blogs send people our way.
    Also love it when other people share their views on the questions.
    The more people who give their opinions the more helpful we think this site can be, so always feel free to throw in your two cents on our advice lines.


  • swingers madrid

    This post is just on the right timing. I was looking for some swinger’s blogs and now that I found this blog with a list of blogs that I am looking for, I don’t need to spend more time searching for them.

  • B

    Great post. I once read a 30+ page forum post on literotica detailing a couples journey into the hotwife/cuckholdry lifestyle. When my wife and I began exploring swinging I knew I wanted to do a similar week by week account. So here it is:

    Another reason these blogs disappear could be that the name changes. I know I’ve changed mine twice, once when my wife blabbed to someone about it and another time when a fella figured it out.


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