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Hi, this is more like multiple questions than one. First I will tell you the background and why I am asking about this.
We met a couple that are both really into the hotwife thing and after getting to be pretty good friends my wife has gotten really into the idea of it. She wants to surprise me with her used pussy and have me ask her all about what happened. This is what the couple we met are into doing besides normal swinging.
I am willing to play along a few times for my wife, but don’t actually understand the reasons people get off on this.
If your able to shed some light on why this is a turn on id be grateful.
Questions for Miranda are 1. What would be the turn on of having a strange guy cum inside? Can women actually feel it happening? If so, what is it like? 2. What would be the turn on for a woman to have their husband have sex with them afterwards?
Questions for Aarron are 1. Why do some guys want to have another guy cum inside their wife?
2. What makes having sex with their wife after another man has came inside any hotter than if she had just had sex and not had a guy cum inside? I like watching my wife have sex, but the whole cum thing escapes me.
I apologize if my questions are to many and story to long. Thank you in advance for your input.

By Miranda-
First and foremost never apologize for the “to many questions or too long of an explanation,” that’s what we’re here for and love doing it. 
Now, onto the answers from my end.
  I can understand a woman wanting her husband to come into the room to find a dripping used pussy and role play with it a bit.  I think many of us lifestyle woman LOVE feeling naughty and sometimes the naughtier the better.  
We are close with a couple who the guy LOVES the used pussy thing and my husband doesn’t mind helping him out by filling his wife’s pussy. 
Part of the turn-on for women I think is the sexy naughty of it and feeling used without actually being disrespected. 
As for a woman feeling a man cum in her, yes, as a man ejaculates I can feel his hard cock pulsate and fill me with his cum. 
I think it’s hot and and every time makes me feel like I’m the sexiest girl alive.  There’s just something about a cum filled dripping pussy and having another man take over that makes you feel desired, lusted over and just down right scandalous. Lets face it, sometimes a girl wants to feel like a naughty slut. 
I actually just read an erotica story about a cop arresting a prostitute, fucking her in an alley then calling for back up…HOT!!!!
Weather it is just a fantasy or something to live out I think a woman wants to sometimes step outside the bounds and have a little double creampie.  I know I do. 
I hope I’ve answered your questions fully or at least turned you on so you want a little double dipping yourself.  Thank you for the spectacular question…keep em cumming!

By Aarron-
We don’t really do the “hotwife thing,” so I can only give you a half-ass answer here.
We swing as a team, and 99% of the time we don’t even play seperate. Like you I enjoy watching my wife and that is hot enough for me.
I do however understand part of what makes it hot for some men to have their wives allow other men to cum inside. The part I understand is the naughty aspect. It is going just a bit farther than sex with condoms. It ups the naughty factor. I like that my wife is naughty and therefore under the right circumstances it could be hot.
Again I point out that we don’t play this way so I am not an expert on this particular scene.
I point that out because there are many reasons men like that sort of behavior in their wives that has nothing to do with the “naughty factor” I mentioned.
For some men it is degrading and it serves as a sort of humiliation game.
For other men it is empowering and makes them feel like kings with the sexiest wife on the planet.
For me it would be the naughty factor that turned me on.
For most I would assume it is a combination of things.
I apologize for not being able to give you one of my usual long winded answers.
Hopefully between Miranda and myself we have shed at least a little bit of light on the subject for you.

Even though it wasn’t asked - I must add something here.
 I simply must say that random play without condoms is not the safest of activities and before you decide to “play along a few times” for the sake of your wife’s entertainment you seriously need to weigh the pros and cons of such activities.
I would also like to say that just because your friends play in the way you described… it doesn’t represent all women who consider themselves “hotwives” or their husbands.
Condoms are a very normal thing for hotwife play and it just happens that your new friends prefer to play without for the sake of a creampie fetish which is a subject unto it’s own.

As a useful link you may wish to check out Cuckoldry on Wikipedia.

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