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Not finding the questions & answers you hoped for?

by on Mar.10, 2011, under Unsorted

Not finding the questions and answers you had hoped to find?
Then ask the question!

This site is driven by your questions and and we love to hear them.
Sometimes we get a couple in a day. Sometimes it’s been a week or more between postings because nobody asked anything.
Without your questions there is nothing.
Ask Away!

If your wondering why I added this page when we already have a simple Ask a question link that is easy to find…
It’s because I recently looked at our site statistics and read through a few hundred search terms that brought people to this site.
Many of those search terms are phrased as questions.
Sometimes they brought the person searching to exactly what they needed.
Other times those questions put in a search bar brought them to something closely related or not even anywhere in the ballpark of what they wished to find.

As I was reading these search terms I often thought “What a great question, wish they had submitted it to us.”
So… If you have a question about the lifestyle, swinging in general, sex, non-monogamy, sexuality, polyamory, sex toys, or anything else that fits into our swingers Q & A format ask it.
All questions are posted as anonymous so no fears on that account.

For those of you who are in the lifestyle that just like to read our Q & A site, but don’t really have any questions to ask… You can help too.
Spread the word about our site.
The more people who are interested in the lifestyle that read us the better when it comes to updates.
More people equals more questions for us to answer.
That makes for more frequent posts that you can read.
It’s easy to do. Just share our posts via your favorite social media sites now and then.
It will take just a minute of your time and we will appreciate it greatly.

For those of you who already do share our pages like that – “Thank you!”

Remember… If you have a question just ask.


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