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The Ulitmate Guide To Anal Sex For Women

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Swingers Ulitmate Guide To Anal Sex For Women

So I just finished reading The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women By Tristan Taormino (2nd Edition) and I must first and for most give a standing ovation to the auther for truly covering all the anal sex bases and making the book an absolute pleasure to read and review.

For  all you swingers out there who have any question, concerns, or just a situation you can’t get through in the anal sex world, Tristan is the girl to take care of them all.
The book is hilarious without being crude, educational without being overwhelming, and the fantastic comic book style drawings leave the reader feeling informed and refreshed. 
I loved the “ask the anal advisor” question sections and found every question to be answered in a professional yet comical manner that would ease the mind of even the most frustrated or confused reader.  

I must say if any of you feel apprehensive about anal sex… by the time you finish the book you’ll feel confident and ready to explore with your partner.

Tristan covers anal myths, anal anatomy, emotional and psychological aspects of anal eroticism, stds, enemas, anal toys, anal penetration, lubrications, anal sex for men, anal fisting and SO much more.

The book is designed so you can open up a chapter, read from there and fully understand what you’re reading.
I think the best part about this book is I went into reading it thinking, “ok so how much can this woman really have to say about anal sex?” And when I was done I thought, “Wow I feel more educated, empowered and confident about anal sex,” Tristan is good! 
I must say that I’m a gigantic fan of anal sex and believed myself to know an above average about of information on the subject, but after reading this book I realized there’s an abundant amount of knowledge one should know about anal sex (especially when participating with more than one playmate).  
This anal sex book stands above any book on the subject I’ve ever read, and in my opinion should be used in high schools to teach safe anal sex practices among our youth, because lets face it… just because these teachers don’t talk about it definetly doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. 
 In the world of swinging I would reference this book as the Anal Sex Bible and hope that after my review here this book sells off the shelves from all the swingers who decide to get a copy. 
Whether you’re sixteen or sixty five, in the lifestyle or in a serious relationship and feeling anal sex experimental, everyone can take a little something from this book. 
Time Out New York quoted Tristan Taormino as the “go-to girl on anal sex,” and to my readers here on the Swingers Attic I will say that they couldn’t have been more accurate.

Thank you Tristan for opening the publics eyes into a safer anal sex positive world.  Bravo!

This book is available from every major book seller and in most independent book stores.
I highly recommend you pick up a copy.


We got ours from Amazon:
The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, 2nd Edition

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