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Double Penetration Issues

by on Apr.02, 2011, under Playing with others, Unsorted

I have wanted to experience a double penetration for quite some time and in our two years of playing in the lifestyle I have only had the opportunity come around twice. On both occasions my husband had erection difficulties when we got to that point in the proceedings.
I think it was the close penises thoughts that did it. He doesn’t have any problem in other situations. Suggestions?

By Miranda-
I think its pretty common for a straight man to lose an erection while attempting DP.  So my advice to you girlie is if at first or second you don’t succeed try try again.  Now if after attempting relentlessly and not getting a soldier at attention a DP with your husband might not be an option. 
I think breaking that mental wall of, “OMG my penis is touching another mans through a thin layer of skin,” is completely possible but maybe just a little tricky.  I have faith that your husband can draw his energy inward and overcome the erectile dysfunction while trying to give you the most amazing sexual experience you’ll ever have but time and practice will be the key. 
One little idea would be to have your husband insert his erection first into whatever hole he prefers and then ask the other man to use a dildo to act as his dick until your husband is mentally loosened up, then have your play partner insert his erection into the secondary hole.  Kind of like a slight of hand but with a penis. 
I am rooting for your husband and know he CAN do this.  Also if in the end he says, “Honey this just isn’t working , we’ve been trying over and over,” then maybe it’s time to find two men that have practice in the DP department and allow your husband the privilege of filming the event so you two can watch it over and over.  Thank you so much for the great question, good luck!

By Aarron-
Double penetration is a huge fantasy for many women both in the lifestyle and in the vanilla world.
If you are bound and determined to live the fantasy out then I am sure it will happen.
First of all though I would suggest you start seeking out partners for the DP experience rather than waiting for the opportunity to just arise. Sometimes in life we need to actively pursue something we want rather than wait for opportunity to knock at our doors.
The next thing I would suggest is that you work on the mental aspect of the situation with your husband.
Most couples that swing like to share their fantasies both in and out of bed with each other and find it a turn on. If you are one of those couples then it shouldn’t be to hard to get your husband excited about helping you with a double penetration.
When talking about it focus on the huge turn on it is for you and keep his part in the double penetration as the most important aspect.
Even if your husband is one of those guys who loves to see you with others and loves you to talk about such things it is important to make him your focus in this fantasy talk.
If the fantasy becomes more of what he is doing in the situation rather than what your play partner is doing he will eventually focus more on his own behavior and how it affects you rather than having another mans cock in such close proximity to his own.
In short – it will make him less concerned about the play partners penis and more concerned with your own pleasure and how he is bringing it to you.
Good luck with your quest for double penetration fantasy fulfillment.

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  • Josh

    My wife’s enthusiasm can talk me into anything. When we went to do double penetration the first time, I worried about losing my erection. She kept telling my how excited she was, and I could see it in her eyes, it made it really easy. So easy that when she suggested double vaginal penetration we both were able to deliver and she got to live out a huge fantasy of hers.

    Practice with toys and other things if needed. Have fun!

  • Swingers Attic

    My wife can talk me into anything too Josh.
    Her excitement becomes mine and fuels me to do pretty much anything that gets her hot.

    Practicing with toys is a super good idea.


  • Karen Blue

    For me it has been the opposite! We will look for hook-ups with a DP on the agenda and then the other guy can’t keep it up. It is sad really.
    Maybe some day we will get to live out this fantasy….

  • Swingers Attic

    I think whatever guy it is that has the issue it usually stems from the same things.
    Anxiety, pressure, and a bit of cock fear.
    At least your finding people willing to give it a try Karen.
    A lot of men are not willing to even consider going there. What is strange is many men love watching porn that shows DP action. They just don’t have the mindset to actually be involved in the action themselves.


  • Molly

    Excuse the pun, but do keep at it, because it is one of the most amazinf experiances. The fact that your hubby is willing to keep trying and exploring with you is all hats of to him….and to the both of you actually for pursuing your fantasy. It really is worth it.


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