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The proper order of the pictures for your profile

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A small guide to the proper order of pictures for your swingers lifestyle profile.

When we look at profiles on swingers networking and dating sites we are drawn to some and not others.
Some make us want to check out the profile while others make us skip it over it.

If you have a profile on a lifestyles networking or personals site you obviously want people to check it out.
You obviously want people to find interest.
Better yet… you want them to become interested to the point of desiring to make contact.

Your profile is an advertisement for you and what it is you are looking to find in the swinging community.
The words in your profile are the sales pitch and the disclaimers.
The photos are the draw.

So… here is a little guide to the proper order of the photos you use on the swingers personals sites you use.

Almost every lifestyle networking site is set up basically the same way.
You may browse, search, or view who is online with small thumbnails showing that you may click to see the entire profile.
You first picture is important because you want to let people see what you look like enough to arouse interest, but not so much that they think they have seen all you have to offer.

Most couples do not want to show their faces in the public pictures and that is probably a good thing.
Anybody can see that first thumbnail. (not just site members)
Because of this people tend to use body shots.

This is a good general front pic.

A good main picture for your swingers profile

Good example of the type of picture that draws the eye of the viewer yet hides the face on a main page of a swingers profile

What you don’t want to put on your profile as a front picture is a close up of genitals or an image with blocked faces. The first option looks trashy and scares away most real swingers while the second option is not visually appealing and many will just skip you by for lack of interest.

Once people have clicked into your profile you will want to show them a bit more.
The way most (but not all) sites work is that members must be paying and or verified by other members to see your open galleries of pictures.
That assures you that most of the random web surfers out there wont be seeing these pictures.
These images are still here to arouse general interest, but now it is for people who are actively seeking others.

Here is the place to show a bit more.

second set photos on your profile should show a face

This is a great example of a picture for your inside gallery. It shows the face, a bit of body while hiding all the 'private' stuff and also shows a tad of personality because the picture was taken outside and makes the viewer think of an outdoors type person. You do want to show your real interests in your photos.

You will note in the above picture the breasts and vagina is still covered.
It is much nicer to use strategic placement of objects etc… than block such areas out if you don’t wish to show them.

If you do wish to get a bit more risque then this is the place to do it.

swingers profiles special galleries pictures

Showing a bit more in the second set of galleries is great. You can show most anything you want here, but remember you want to save some for your special galleries.

Note in the above image that again we have hidden the face.
Personally I do not like hidden faces within the second set of galleries, but some people are uncomfortable with showing faces here.
It is very easy to put half a dozen sexy and appealing images within your second gallery without showing your face.

show your sexy side in your profile pictures

It is good to show your sexy side in your profile photos. Whatever you are into is fine. If you think it is hot and sexy then go with it.

In the image above you will note the girl is dressed in some sort of sexy lingerie and has a toy held to her breast. It is great to show a bit of what you are into in your second galleries, but don’t go to far here.
Many networking sites for swingers have rules against the more hardcore images in the open galleries, but some do allow them.
I would suggest not posting them here. Keep it simple. Think Rated R.

It is also important to make sure these images make you look appealing to the sorts you are interested in.
If you are a goofy , wild, party person… show it.
If you are a serious, contemplative, intellectual show it.
Don’t be fake because you will draw the wrong people.

Do however be enthusiastic.
Nobody wants boring.

Really check over your photos before posting them to make sure they are good

Looking bored isn't good. Maybe that "sexy" face you thought you made isn't really that sexy. Ask for a second opinion before you post something that you are not sure of. This image for example... Yawning? Or sexy?

Now if looking bored sounds bad… looking like a sleaze or creeper is just as bad.
Think before you post your pictures.

After these open galleries that we find when we first click into a profile is the “private” galleries.
Most sites have these set up with various permissions as to who can and can’t see them. It is all up to you basically.
Not just anyone will see what you post here.
It takes your permission.

So… if you are extremely afraid of your fellow PTA moms seeing you… this is the place for the face pictures.
Please note: You do need face pictures. Keep them private if you must, but don’t try and use a swingers personals site thinking you can get away without face pictures.
People do want to see a face before deciding if they want to have sex.

This is also the place for all those genital pictures some of you have a crazy desire to post so many of.
I will say this however… You don’t need a ton of genital shots.
Most real swingers can do without any and those who do desire to see them are fine with just a few.

Got a kink? Now is the time to show it.

Show off your personal kinks and likes on your swingers profile so you draw in the right people

Your private galleries are the place to show your personal kinks and fetishes. Into latex costumes like we have here? Awesome. This is the place for sharing.

The private gallery area is also good for your action shots.
If you do have and post action shots always post them here.
Mentioning them in the text of your profile may even get some people interested enough to write and ask to see them… thus opening up lines of communication.

Lastly, but not leastly… For the picture examples one female was shown. They are just examples and I didn’t wish to overload the post with images.
In your own profile you should have pictures of both the male and female halves of the couple.
At least one good body shot and one good face shot are a minimum for a decent profile.
Most active swingers will skip over any profile no mater how hot the person they see in the pictures if both halves are not represented.

It is a huge problem and a major complaint in the online swinging community that new people and people who… well, just don’t get it… post just pictures of one half. Usually it is the female half.
As I said before about face pictures = People want to see before they decide if sex is possible.

As a general rule I would suggest at least a ratio of two to one when it comes to both halves being represented. Fifty fifty is better, but not really necessary.
It is a must for you both to be represented though. If you skip posting pictures of both of you I guarantee you will be passed by many times by people who otherwise would have taken the time to look.

This article was written by Aarron and originally posted on another website we are no longer updating. We thought it would be a great idea to share it here on The Swingers Attic.

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