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Anal-flex probe (a fun toy)

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I think I have mentioned before that I am an anal girl.
So, when browsing EdenFantasys sex toys for something to review and I saw the Anal-flex probe, I just had to have it.
Anal vibrators are always fun, but the Anal-flex probe just looked to good to resist.

Showing the anal probes size

Before I go on and waste some of your time…
I should mention that the Anal-flex probe is made of PVC (polyvinyl chlorides)
In general I don’t like to review toys on this site if they are not made from a safe to share and easy to clean material. (swinging is about sharing)
This is more of a ‘just for you’ type toy. If you do have the urge to share it remember to use condoms because this toy can not be sterilized and is porous.

The Anal-flex probe is a fun toy.
It is long, has smooth bumps that feel fantastic going in and out… and vibrates with a big buzz.
We (Aarron and I) have played with the Anal-flex probe together and had a blast.
Set on a low vibration the size is just perfect to get me all warmed up, and as the passion builds… upping the vibes just makes a girl NEED to get some hard backdoor action of the more personal kind.
The Anal-flex probe can bend and hold most any position.
Because of that it is also pretty dang easy to get some vibe in the back while hubby takes care of the front toy plus cock DP action.
If you decide to get this toy (despite the material limitations) I definitely recommend it’s use in that manner.

you can bend this anal probe

Even though it is a great play together with the hubby toy, my favorite use for the Anal-flex probe is bath time.
This is the first anal vibrator I have really loved for bath time.
This fabulous bendy toy is waterproof and the light up controls allow you to see even in a candle lit bath with bubbles. Add a glass of wine before you get buzzing and “Rapture.”

the anal probe will hold most any position

It is the combo of the perfectly sized bumps, smooth surface and the ability to bend the Anal-flex probe into whatever position you need to find perfect comfort.

My only other complaint about this toy besides what it is made out of (which doesn’t matter overly much if it’s just for personal use) is that it is a bit buzzy in my hand.
That is not a big list of complaints.
The Anal-flex probe is a keeper.
If you decide to purchase this bendy bump stick my only warnings are:
1) Check the actual size on Edenfantasys Anal-flex probe page before ordering it. (I didn’t and was surprised)
2) Make sure the cap is secure before getting in a bathtub with this toy.

Quick rundown on the Anal-flex probe:
Made of a pliable PVC material.
Is Multi-speed.
Has a  light-up control pad in the handle
Is bright red.
Length is 10″.
Insertable length is 7 1/4″
Available from EdenFantasys.

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