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The Amor Dildo

by on May.06, 2011, under Spice, Unsorted

Say hello to the Amor Dildo from Babeland.
If you look up Amor in the dictionary you find this:
Noun- Amor – (Roman mythology) god of love; counterpart of Greek Eros.
Babeland made no mistakes in calling this lovely dildo made by Fun Factory the Amor Dildo.
Fun Factory calls it Stubs. Yes… they named one of the most wonderful dildos in the world Stubs.
I’m not going to complain though. Fun Factory makes fabulous toys of high quality and amazing design.
Stubs (aka the Amor Dildo) is no exception.
I loved it even before I had it out of the box.

Stubs fun factory dildo

First of all I loved the color. It is kinda a candy rose color.
There is a gentle curve to the Amor Dildo and it is feminine looking penis shape.
That’s right, I said this penis is girlie.
Made of 100% body certified Silicone this dildo is heavenly to touch.
Think ultra sexy silky and flexible without losing its stability. Very penis like.
Stubs is named so because of it’s size. It is a short and semi thick dildo measuring 5-1/2″ x 1-1/2″.

As soon as I pulled this wonderful toy from it’s Fun Factory box I wanted to use it.
This toy instantly made me fantasize about it in my ass, using it on my favorite girlfriend and getting it used in my pussy all at the same time. This toy’s made for all sexual possibilities.
Did I mention the base is designed to stand up easy so you can use it hands free?
It is.
Did I mention it is compatible with most standard harnesses?
It is.
The Fun Factory slogan is “Love Yourself,” and how could I not while being done in the ass with their very sweet toy…Stubs?
I should probably mention that the Amor Dildo comes with a little bonus in the box. It comes with some Fun Factory lubricant – ToyFluid. It’s latex safe and water based. I am guessing they include it because they know you will want to use Stubs immediately.

Serious moment – I wish all sex toys could be made of easy to clean materials.
Being made of 100% silicone this dildo can easily be shared with friends in a safe manner because it can be tossed in a pan of boiling water between uses and sterilized.
Big plus for Stubs, but why can’t all toy makers catch on that a lot of people want safe toys?

Back to Stubs…

The toy makes me want to throw a party and invite all my closest girlfriends to give it a whirl. I would make a formal introduction, “Ladies, please meet Stubs… our host this evening!” lol
I just can’t say enough about this toy!!!

If your in the market for a nice looking, easy to clean, body safe, kinda short, thickish, firm, silky, awesome dildo… I recommend the Amor Dildo wholeheartedly.

You can get the Amor Dildo from Babeland.

A big thanks to babeland for sending me such an outstanding dildo for review.



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