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The Evolved Lovers Rendezvous Kit

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I recently received the Evolved Novelties Lovers Rendezvous Kit from EdenFantasys and I must say that I was very impressed with this all in one romance kit.
swingers evolved lovers set
Evolved Novelties did a great job in putting this one together.

This small time capsule looking container really has all you would need for an easy to put together romantic ambiance.
It won’t match up to three dozen roses and chocolate covered strawberries with your favorite wine, but it will do the trick in a pinch and can also transform a mundane hotel room into something a step above.
Did I mention it was under thirty bucks?

swingers evolved opened

When you first open the Lovers Rendezvous Kit you find all these little fabric rose petals.
I didn’t count them, but there is enough to spread on a bed and give off that special rose covered bed spread look.

swingers evolved the rose petals

These petals are not silky feeling, but they are not annoying to roll around on either. They look very rose like.

Next comes this little artificial candle.

swingers attic small candle in evolved set

This artificial tea candle is powered by an included small lithium battery. It doesn’t cast much light, but it does do the mood thing, and to be honest… lots of light isn’t always needed.

Next comes the romance dice.

swingers evolved naughty dice

You all know how these dice work… roll and it tell you what to do.
(you can see a close up of them here)
Sometimes these are lame to play with, but in just the right situation they can be fun.

One example in my own past was an evening that ended in a hotel room with a new and nervous soft swing couple. (or I guess I should say they were want to be soft swingers)
A set of sexy dice along with our mutual buzzes made it a night of fun laughter rather than the awkward situation that it almost became.
We didn’t get very naughty, but we had fun and the experience made the people relaxed and more comfortable with the idea of swingers.

Next comes the vibro cock ring.

swingers evolved vibrating cock ring

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice vibrating ring to spice up a good fuck now and then?
This one is stretchy and has little pleasure nubs on it.
The vibrations are just so so, but it does the trick.

Need lube? I often do.

Swingers attic System JO Evolved set

I’m of the opinion that lube should be on hand at all times. It does get forgotten sometimes though, and that sucks.
Lovers Rendezvous Kit comes with a small bottle of JO System water-based lube.
Number one of my only two complaints with this whole kit is that this particular lube contains glycerin. Though it has never been scientifically proven many people claim that if you are prone to yeast infections glycerin may increase your chances of getting one or make an existing infection worse.

Next we have a condom.

evolved swingers attic condom in set
No Glove No Love Guys! That’s how I do it. Be Safe!

I love that this kit comes with a condom. I wish it came with two condoms because that would make more since to me considering that one round isn’t enough for everyone, but still it is great they thought to include one. This condom is lubricated and made of latex.

Last, but not least comes the vibe.

vibrator in the evolved set

This small, hard, plastic vibe actually works pretty well. It is of medium power and waterproof so is just perfect for foreplay or after sex shower play.
This vibe is the subject of my complaint number two though.
The single AA battery needed to run this little vibe was NOT included. I think it should have been.
Make a note of that and be sure to have a AA battery on hand or your little vibe will be sitting on the sidelines.

So that is what you get.
This set is great for making a quick romantic mood happen, is perfect to travel with or just bring to a hotel room. I like it.
It would be great as a gift too, especially for a bridal shower or an anniversary.
It is also the perfect thing to have stashed away for those times when you all of a sudden wish you had planned a special moment, but forgot or waited to long.

This product was provided to me free of charge from EdenFantasys in exchange for my honest opinion and a review.
Edenfantasys – a great online store for sex toys, , lubricants, lingerie, costumes, and more.

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