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Swingers Blogs with personal experiences -
The Swingers Attic has become a very popular resource site for people interested in the swinging lifestyle.
We have found it isn’t just about questions and answers, but also people who are just curious about or contemplating non-monogamy come here to get a glimpse into the lifestyle and often to understand the possible pitfalls.
We love that you read our Q & A and are happy that it has become such a popular resource, but because of our format we are for the most part discussing problems, worries, misunderstandings, and other negative type aspects of the lifestyle. In short… it doesn’t show the whole picture.
There are endless amounts of websites devoted to swinging, polyamory, and other forms of non-monogamy on the web, but very few personal accounts.
Here we shall attempt to keep a list of active blogs with personal experiences of the swinging lifestyle and closely related subjects here on this page.

The List: (in no particular order)

Sexual adventures of a married woman - This blog is of the type I call “sexy journals,” and covers the bloggers fantasies, fetishes, previous liaisons, and follows her current sexual adventures as well. NSFW images are sometimes included with posts.

Sex Babble - This blog is all about sex and sexiness. It is not a swinger specific blog at all, but the blogger (Lola) does share her swinging lifestyle adventures on the blog along with anything else she feels like talking about.

Our Open Marriage Adventures - Though this blog isn’t updated very often it is still a wonderful blog that documents the bloggers (a couple) journey into and through the world of non-monogamy. The experiences, thoughts, and both good and not so wonderful aspects of their journey are included.

Being Bella - The blog of a 30-something mom, wife and lover, trying out the open marriage/swinging thing with her husband.

Confessions of a Swinger’s Wife - This blogs primary focus is swinging and is written from a wife’s perspective. It is a pretty new blog however with the first post being dated May 28, 2011.

Cooper’s Blog  – A personal blog section from Cooper Beckett who is the main man over at Life on the Swingset which is a general Lifestyle Everything sort of site that covers all sorts of alternative lifestyles subject matter.

Diary of a swinging housewife - The blog of a self described hotwife, cougar who has lots of sex and writes about it.

Erotic Wet Atomic - There is very little of personal experiences related particularly to swinging on this blog, but the entire blog comes from an exploratory, non-monogamous, sexually liberal mindset. There is a lot of subject matter on swinging and almost anything else you can imagine of a sexual nature.

Fantasy Plan - The blog of a Toronto couple who have decided that they can achieve emotional exclusivity with sexual variety. Sporadically updated.

HORNYNECOUPLE  – A couple explores their kinky side and shares it via their blog. This blog is more about kink and dominance than non-monogamy, but it is there. Updates have been scarce this year, but the blog goes back to 2009.

Hotwifing Exposed - The thoughts and reports of a couple in the UK as they explore the hotwifing lifestyle. Mostly short and sporadic posting on this blog, and contains some explicit images.

Househo’s Joy Fuck Club - Subtitled “an on going adventure in an Open Marriage,” this blog isn’t really about swinging per se, but fits the bill nonetheless. Here you will find an as it happens account of a woman in an open marriage, with not just the sexual experiences, but also thoughts, ups and downs, and a good amount of humor in relation to living such a lifestyle.

Hubman’s Hangout - This is not a swing lifestyle specific blog, but does cover the bloggers personal swingers lifestyle experiences and thoughts on related subjects.

Kissin Blue Karen - The blog of a swinging gal from Florida that covers her experiences in the lifestyle and also other sex related things. This site includes a lot of sexual product reviews and sometimes explicit images.

LEARNING TO… - It used to say “Learning To Swing” – This blog is about the lifestyle and life in general with a big break from swinging in the middle and a new addition to the family.

Lusts of a Jezebel - A newer sex blog of a general nature that happens to have some swing lifestyle focused posts.

New York Swingers - A couple exploring the New York Swingers Scene shares their adventures in a play by play style. You will also find viewpoints, and advice on swinging in general here.

Rebecca Ammon - The site has a tag line that says “Conversations about Sex, Love, and Relationships.” It is a fitting tag line. Rebecca’s site covers all things sexual.

Red Region Inferno - This is my own personal blog. It is not a lifestyle specific blog. It does however include posts about personal swinging adventures, and multiple other sex and lifestyle related things.

The Adventures of My Slutty Wife - A husband blogs about his wife’s sexual exploits with great detail and photos of the action.

The Over Educated Nympho - The blog of a bisexual single girl who self describes herself as a “vix” and a “Unicorn.” Not swingers specific, but experiences with the lifestyle are included. At the time of this posting The Over Educated Nympho has not been updated since July 2011, but I hope she starts posting again because it is a good blog.

We are the people your parents warned you about - This is a long running blog from a couple who enjoys swinging and talking about swinging. Not updated a lot, but if you click around the archives you will find a ton of relevant posts about swinging adventures.

Week Bi Week - The thoughts of the Female half of a both-bisexual couple just getting into swinging.
This is a new blog with it’s first post dating back to only JUL 23, 2011. The posts are primarily a female perspective and cover both experiences and thoughts about sexuality, bisexuality, and the lifestyle.

The sites listed here didn’t exactly fit for one reason or another, or seem to be semi-retired, but came so close I thought that those who sought out swingers lifestyle blogs that shared personal experiences may still find them interesting.

A swinging Good Time - Subtitled “one married couples’ swinging adventures,” and I suppose that is what it is, but this blog has had a total of only 12 posts in it’s one year existence. Worth checking out and if it was updated more would certainly be listed up above.

Ivey Lane - Not a swinging specific blog and it covers a ton of personal stuff, but swinging adventures are included if you hunt around. Not updated much anymore, but I hope she picks it up again sometime.

At Longing’s End - The blog of Mina and Sylvanus who have an open relationship. You will also find dominance and submission, and cooking recipes here.

Confessions of a Midwest Farmers Daughter - This blog is a general sex blog, but does have a few swinging related posts. I have listed it in the ‘Mentions’ section simply because this blog only has 25 posts total.

Marriage, dating, and kink - A married woman blogs about her experiences in an open marriage. The first post is from March 5, 2011, but there is a still a lot to read.

Shared Cindy - Subtitled “The musings of a married man who has evolved into sharing his wonderful wife” A lot of interesting stuff on this blog going back to JULY 24, 2006. Sadly this blog has been short in updates this year.

Keeping an up to date list of blogs that share personal swinging experiences isn’t the easiest thing in the world because not many blogs of this sort last very long.
Please report any dead sites/blogs to us that you find on this list.
If you know of a great swingers blog that shares personal experiences (or related) you can let me know about it via our form. Please tell a bit about the blog and submit it under subject ‘Other’ so I am sure to get it.
Thank you.

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  • WeekBiWeek

    Thank you for sharing this list! Reading others’ personal accounts is very fun and engaging. I knew of a few of these, but some are new to me and I look forward to checking them out! :-)

  • Swingers Attic

    I hope you find a few worth reading regularly and also sharing around WeekBiWeek.


  • Josh

    I wish I had more hours in the day to keep up with the blog. Most of my lifestyle time goes to reading blogs in the morning when I get to work. That and I think we have settled into a groove for now of where we want to be. Complancency is not the best thing for a blog.

    You should also rank your Red Region Inferno site a bit higher. Some of your role playing posts from within the past year were the stuff of awesomeness. (I still cannot watch Strawberry Shortcake and not think of your Blueberry Muffin post.)

  • Swingers Attic

    Thanks Josh, I love my role playing and costumes. I won’t be seeing my Blueberry girl for Halloween though… and that makes me sad.

    Complacency may not be the best thing for a blog, but it sure is nice to be in an easy flowing groove sometimes.


  • walkandroll

    We just discovered your blog through another blog. thank you for putting together such an informative body of information. We are new to the lifestyle and appreciate any advice and information we come across.

  • Swingers Attic

    Very glad you enjoy our site walkandroll. I hope this little list helped you find a few more interesting reads too.


  • switchcpl

    I saw that a lot of my blog traffic was being generated from your site so I had to check it out. Great site with lots of relevant info for new and experienced swingers. Keep up the great work

  • Swingers Attic

    Thanks switchcpl, hope some of that traffic turns into some long time readers for you.


  • Jaine Lane (eroticwetatomic)

    I just checked my blog stats and saw the traffic coming from this website, I wanted to stop by and say hello, and thank you for the links. I’ve seen a few blogs here but I’ll have to check them out.

  • Swingers Attic

    Hope you get some new readers and maybe discover some interesting reads for yourself Jaine.


  • Yummy

    Thanks for including my blog amongst such a rich and varied list of brilliant blogs, some I know and some I’m about to explore thanks to your resource!

    Happy swinging!

  • Lorelei

    This is awesome!! Thanks so much. My partner and I opened our relationship up about eight months ago and I’ve written a lot about the experiences on my blog but I wouldn’t really call it a swinging blog. Maybe next year it will be more heavily swing-based, who knows! Can’t wait to check these out.

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