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Into the idea of just watching and later a MFM

by on Oct.29, 2011, under Newbie Help


Hi we are a couple new to swinging. We are really into the idea of a
MFM. Was wifes idea. For the first time we really want to have me the
hubby sit back watch and masturbate and then if she likes we do more
later with me joining another time. Is this possible are there men out
there willing to do this while I watch and beat off?

By Miranda-
I love new and adventurous couples looking to join the lifestyle because you ask just great questions.
YES, there are actually tons of men in the lifestyle who would love to assist you in fulfilling you and your wife’s desires. Whether you want a single male or married male, it’s all up to you. You can find a man who’s allowed to play separately or you can find a single male to play along.
If you decide on a married male I will make the suggestion of talking with the wife on the phone to one make sure she exists and also gives her husband permission to come alone.
Maybe you want the wife there just to also watch or gently play, it’s all up to what you’re interested in.
With swinging always remember, if there’s a desire for something, there’s generally a way to have it fulfilled. You just need to take the time to search it out and not rush into finding a play partner for your wife.
I also want to tell you that you need to let your expectations be known to your playmate such as what your wife likes and dislikes and if there’s anything you are uncomfortable with make sure you let it be known.
Open communication is the key to a successful play date. I wish you the best in your search for the your first playmates and hope you both have a naughty Halloween.

By Aarron-
The number of males willing to help with such a scenario as you describe is actually huge.
You will find all types of men are available, so take your time and select exactly what you are looking for.
From personal experience I have found Lifestyle Lounge has the most respectful and lifestyle knowledgeable selection of single males and solo playing married men in our particular area, and in general.
They also have the least amount of single males per couple though because the site doesn’t put up with jerks.
If you wan’t a huge selection and are willing to wade through a ton of emails AdultFriendFinder -aka- AFF is your best choice as it is the biggest of all sites catering to swingers and also has the largest amount of single males.
As my wife said… be sure to let your playmate know what it is you are wishing and any boundaries you may have before play to ensure all goes well.
Have a great Halloween.

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