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Wanting a woman without sharing her with husband

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Hi i wonder if you can help. my husband and I have been together for
10 years and have always been quite experimental. He has mentioned
swinging a number of times however I have always brushed it off
because I was too scared. I had a sexual fling with a woman a few
years ago and hubby loved it. Recently I have been thinking more and
more about having another woman at the same time as my husband, but I
don’t know where to start. I don’t want my husband to share the woman as
such I just want them both on me is aloud? I really am new to the
whole thing and need to know how to go about things. thanks for any
help in advance.

By Miranda-
Thanks so much for writing in to us and I know that sometimes getting started in new sexual adventures are sometimes a little scary and nerve racking.
The best way to go about finding a single female to fulfill your fantasy would be creating a profile on an adult couples dating site and seeking women who are first single and second bisexual. There are plenty of bisexual women looking for couples to play with and the best part about creating a profile is you can be as picky in your desires as you wish.
You don’t want the other female to play with your husband, no prob, many swinger girls just want to play with the female of the couple. It may take a while to find one that’s a perfect fit for you and your husband but don’t get discouraged and remember it’s all about fun so be patient and the right female will like your profile and want to set up a play date.
I hope this has given you a little push in the right direction and have fun finding a great girly play partner to fulfill your desires. Thanks again for writing in!

By Aarron-
Anything and everything is allowed as long as all people involved know the deal.
Finding a single girl to play with you while your husband plays with you too (with no playing between them) isn’t impossible, but will take a while.
An easier to set up scenario would be to find a couple with similar desires as your own and have a foursome where the only real sexual contact is between the two women and between the spouses.
A lot of couples new to the idea of sexual exploration with others go in seeking just a woman for a threesome or a woman for just a girl on girl type thing with the husbands watching.
Usually the play happens with just the girls and then the couples pair off with there wives for same room sex rather than swapping.
Having the husbands playing with their own wives while the girls play together is a semi-normal deal. If your not against another man in the room then I would suggest you go that rout as it is much easier to find couples via swingers sites than single females. Search for couples interested in soft swap and if they seem interesting send them a note explaining what type of scenario you are interested in.
The Just the girls and then same room sex thing is common enough that I’d guess we have had a hundred plus people contact us on the sites we use for connections asking for exactly that in the last two or three years just because we mention that we are cool with soft swap situations.
As such a situation is not exactly our personal thing we have met with very few of them, but on
the few occasions we have actually played with such couples it has often become exactly the scenario I described.


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