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by on May.28, 2013, under Unsorted

We are on a bit of a break from this site and not sure when we will get back to it.
It basically became a chore that we started putting off.
When it seems fun we will be back again.

We did however cover a lot of topics while we had the gumption.
For your convenience and amusement… here are what turned out to be our most popular posts of 2012 based on visitor traffic counts.
These posts are not in order, (very random actually) but are the most visited of our Q&A advice lines from 2012.
I will be posting our most visited 2011 posts next month sometime.

From Couples to Unicorns
She can’t stand drunks
An extremely high sex drive after watching the wife
Confidence and a wife that goes for hotter guys
A break from swinging and drifting apart
The Swingers Lingo
Jealousy and drama bombs at the swing club
Canceling because the wife lacks sex appeal
First time half swap and jealousy
Dealing with being rejected in the lifestyle
Wanting a woman without sharing her with husband
Wanting to know more even though it seems strange
Wanting to be fair but am jealous and possessive
Tit for tat, attraction, looks, and compromise
Lovers wanting to explore the swinging lifestyle
Libido gone after the baby and depression sets in
Taking the plunge, kissing rules, guys sucking cock
Would exploring help me enjoy my wife more?
Are they a swingers couple?
Open to it and wanting to make him happy


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