The Swingers Attic


The Swingers Attic is your place to ask questions about the swinging lifestyle and read other peoples questions and the answers we have given.

Please note that we are not experts in any way. (who is?)

We are just a couple that believes  in consensual non-monogamy and prefer to identify ourselves as swingers for lack of a better term.

Any answers to questions that we give or any advice we dole out should be treated as our personal opinions and nothing more. Opinions may differ so please don’t get your panties in a bunch if you don’t like what we have to say.

If you pay attention you will notice that our own opinions often even differ.

Our main hope is that this site will be both fun and entertaining for all who visit it and that it helps people along in their own personal journeys within the swinging lifestyle.

If you have a question… Just ask.

A bit about us:

We are both liberal minded about peoples sexuality and sexual freedoms.
Both of us have polyamorous leanings and enjoy the swinging lifestyle very much and have found it to be a great enhancement to our marriage.
We are of the type we call “social swingers” – meaning we enjoy making long term friends with benefits over having one night stands and that the social aspects of the swinging lifestyle are just as important to us as the sexual adventures.
Our swinging adventures range from the club scene, the party scene, and the one on one meeting varieties so we get to know many types of swingers from all walks of life.
Our knowledge of swinging grows all the time as we journey through the lifestyle and we do not consider ourselves experts on the subject.
The fact is… we do not consider anybody an expert on the subject because swinging is different for everyone and very few people swing in the same exact manner.
We are happy however to give you our advice and opinions based on our own experiences and beliefs.

Feel free to ask questions via our form and to leave your own advice and opinions in the comments sections of the posts.

We look forward to your participation.

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