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From Couples to Unicorns

by on Jun.23, 2012, under Spice


Hi, my man is very into swapping, but I am more into the girl on girl play. I have been trying to talk him into threesomes with other girls, but he wont allow girls who are not swingers and says unicorns are impossible. I know I could get girlfriends from work to join us, but he says it would end up being messy. I think my man is tripping. What do you think?

By Miranda-
I think your man is looking out for you honey.
Involving coworkers into your bedroom equation can end badly. It can make work super uncomfortable and not at all a place you ever want to visit again. I will back you up though and say that unicorns aren’t impossible and actually really easy to find. Even if they aren’t swinger girls, go out to a local club, and if you’re putting out the vibe for playful fun, girls will SO love to partake, really. It just takes a little know how and skill, which isn’t hard. Just show confidence and let the female know your intentions up front. If they aren’t into it they’ll say no and sometimes they don’t even know they want to until the opportunity is given to them.
I know it seems risky and sounds full of rejection but take it from me, it is a great way to prefect your confidence even in the swinger world. I hope you give it a try or even a month worth of tries because I guarantee you’ll find your girl…or many. A secure couple for a single girl in a club is promising because they can play and then walk away. Thanks for writing in and good luck on your girly seeking adventures…out of the work place.

By Aarron-
I agree with Miranda on avoiding people from the workplace unless you are wanting to possibly have a whole bunch of drama in your life.

Unicorn = Single bisexual female involved in the lifestyle that seeks play with couples.

Unicorns … I dislike the term as it implies mythical and nonexistent, when in reality it is quality couples who single bisexual females wish to actually play with that are most rare in my opinion.
Most people I have met who are actively seeking a “unicorn” are not what the unicorn wants.
They are often mismatched visually (one attractive partner with one less attractive) or they have security , jealousy, control, confidence issues… or are NOT on the same page at all in what they want and why they wish a unicorn in the first place. The super secure, no worries, no insecurities, on the same page completely type couples usually seem to have no problem making friends with single bisexual girls.
I have even noticed that it is often the “unicorn” that ends up making the advances towards such a couple at lifestyle parties and events.
As for non-swinger girls in general, I think that is even easier to accomplish. The only “unicorns” I ever deal with are ones we have met through mutual friends, or those who take huge steps to get together with us.
Single girls in the vanilla world are a whole different game.
Many will jump at the chance to play with a couple. It is often a fantasy that has never seemed realistic.
The trick is to simply have confidence, both be on the same page, and not be creepy.
It is best if you (the female) does most of the big time flirting if the girl is 100% vanilla because she is more apt to be at ease and wont have her guard up as much.
Don’t rush it. I’ve noticed that many people who have been in the lifestyle try to rush it in the vanilla world because they have gotten so used to the way lifestyle people hookup. Vanillas sometimes (not always) need some extra sweet talking and flirting.

Another thing I would like to point out is that any vanilla girl you pick up should be treated especially nice and that you must try and make sure she leaves feeling appreciated and special. As a vanilla in a regular club she did not sign up as a swinger looking for a quick hookup. You invited her into the mix. It is your duty to make sure she feels it was a good idea afterwards.


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Booty Call Booty Rocket

by on Mar.18, 2012, under Spice

It is soft, it is waterproof, it is pliable, it goes in your butt, and it leaves room for your partner to do you doggy style at the same time because it is small.
That my friends makes for a nice Booty Call.

This little toy is called the Booty Call Booty Rocket and it lives up to the name.
It is a fun toy.

Swingers anal booty call vibe

Made of easy to clean silicone this vibe that has multiple speeds, escalations, and pulse settings can be cleaned with 10% bleach solution between uses so is play friend friendly.
If you are not into black you can get it in pink too.
The design of this makes for easy rear end entry, but please be aware that it is NOT a plug and won’t just hang out fulfilling your desires on its own.
The thing is easy entry, but also will come out easy. It is best to think of this as a hands on anal vibe.
(not that you couldn’t use it for pussy pleasure)
In my opinion this toy is best used with a partner. Man behind doing it doggy style while the Booty Call Booty Rocket is used in the back door.
It would also be very good for a guy who would like anal pleasures during intercourse if the woman sat reverse cowgirl and used the rocket on the guys anus.
I realize not everyone can bend forward that much and manipulate a toy in such a way depending on build and flexibility, but if you can it is a great way to use it.

The control for the Booty Call Booty Rocket is via a button on the end.
Great and easy access, but you need to go through the settings to get to the exact one you like. The control is lit by an LED light so it works in the dark too if you happen to prefer doing it with the lights off. To turn the little bugger off just press the button down for three seconds. Easy Peasy!

As this a new product from Cal Exotics I was not able to find it for sale on any major online retail sites yet.
I did find a new listing for it on Amazon, but without a picture.
California Exotic Novelties Booty Call Booty Rocket, Pink on Amazon
I expect to see this one at most well known stores soon though because it is a nice toy and retails for under thirty bucks so keep an eye out.

Way to go Cal Exotics!

Product stats:
Bulk Weight: 2.2(oz) / 0.06(kg)
4.75” x 1.25”/12 cm x 3.25 cm
Soft and pliable vibrating Silicone probes
Ribbed or tapered for personalized pleasure
10 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation
Push button control with LED light
Silicone (probe) ABS with PU Cote (cap) ABS with Silver Plating (décor ring)
1 AA battery


The Booty Call Booty Rocket was provided to me by the manufacturer (California Exotic Novelties) in exchange for my honest review of their product.


Cal Exotics Sexpert

I am a Certified Cal Exotics Sexpert with California Exotic Novelties

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