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Bend Over Beginner

by on Sep.07, 2011, under Spice

Ready for some pegging? Want to try out some anal loving, but have a fear of large objects?
Then this is going to be right up your alley.
I recently received the Bend Over Beginner set from Babeland as a product to review.

I got the Bend Over Beginner Strap On Set

I requested this set even though I already own the exact same harness that is included with the set.
That alone should tell you what I think of the harness.
It is soft, easy to put on, girly, and cute (as far as harnesses go) and can be tossed in the washing machine for easy cleaning.
It is very non-intimidating, and does the job well.
I also have a couple dozen different bullet vibes in various sizes and styles.
(I will get back to this bullet in a bit)
I did not have the two small Tantus dildos that come with this set, and I wanted them.
The reason I wanted them was simple… for pegging.
For those not in the know on the term pegging, it is a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man’s anus with a strap-on dildo.
(Wikipedia’s page on Pegging)
I also thought these two small dildos would be a great way to get a couple of my girlfriends who are not so hip on anal to give it a try.
Look at this dildo and harness.
Who could be afraid of that?

Harness with small dildo and long bullet vibe

I am showing the smallest of the two dildos in the picture above, along with the harness and included bullet vibe.
The dildo is not much bigger than a mans large finger. 7/8″x4 1/2″ to be specific.
A dildo this size is perfect for use with a partner that is worried about anal sex.
Tantus makes great dildos. These two are both made with 100% silicone so can be boiled between uses or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution.
As you all know (if you read my reviews on any regular basis) I love toys that can be safely shared with multiple people, and the ability to boil or clean with bleach makes these dildos fit the bill.

In this next picture you can see how the harness sits.

Harness view from front with smallest dildo

I mostly included these two pictures so you can get a better idea of the size of the small dildo, and so you can see how the wireless mini vibe is placed into the harness.
The bullet vibe stays in place and gives vibration to the person wearing the harness, but if you push in deep, and grind, rather than thrust… the person getting the pleasures of the dildo will also feel some vibrations.

Side view of harness and dildo

The larger dildo is still a very small dildo.
You can see the size difference, but it still measures just 1 1/2″x5 1/2″
Remember that this is a beginners kit.
The dildos are supposed to be small and smooth.

what you get in the bend over beginner kit

Eventually you will want a larger dildo. Worry not about them fitting with the harness system.
Those snaps you see on the front allow for easy changing of O rings, making this harness very versatile.
It will not easily support very large/heavy dildos.
If you are looking at a beginners set though, I very much doubt you will be having an issue with that for a long time.

Get a bend over beginner kit and get pegging

Bend Over Beginner Kit at Babeland

Rundown of what you get in the set:
1) A purple, velvety, strap-on harness that is adjustable for extreme comfort (fitting hips up to 60″) that has a great little pouch to put a bullet vibe in for your pleasure.
2) A silver, wireless mini vibe that fits snugly into the pouch on the harness (batteries are included)
3) Two Tantus dildos made of silicone, that are non toxic, hypoallergenic, hygienic, aroma free, and can be boiled.
4) A lot of fun new pegging adventures.

Who do I recommend this product for?
Anyone who is interested in exploring anal strap-on play.
This is the perfect set to get the ball rolling.
My advice on first time use is to start with the smallest dildo.
You will want to switch up to the larger one in no time, but better to start slow to alleviate fears.
Use a lot of lube. Use what you think is the proper amount and then add more.
Make sure that it is not a silicone based lube. Silicone lubes can damage silicone dildos and cause you harm in the process. Use a thicker water based lube with these dildos.
Go slow on first penetration if your partner is nervous.
The best way is to let the receiving partner control first penetration by relaxing, and then pushing back against the dildo while you (the giving partner) steady the dildo with your hand.
Never rush!

My experience with it so far:
I have fulfilled a male friends fantasy of being pegged.
I could have used a larger dildo, but as I mentioned before… better safe than sorry.

My next planned use is to DP a girlfriend of mine.
I get to use the strap-on to take her from behind while Aarron takes her from in front.
This is something all three of us are excited about. None of us has experienced a FFM threesome in that way before.

If you want to fulfill those pegging fantasies, or if a FFM DP sounds fun to you then this is a great set to start with.
You can get the Bend Over Beginner Kit at Babeland!

Thank you to Babeland for sending me such a great product to review.

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Pop Plugs Butt Plugs

by on Apr.07, 2011, under Spice

This is more of a shout out for a certain style of butt plug than anything else.
They are called Pop-Plugs.
They are great and I adore them.
Plus, they remind me of Ring-Pops!

Pop plug butt plugs are fun like ring pops

The picture above is just for fun of course. That is NOT what butt plugs are for.
These cute little plugs do remind me of Ring-Pops though so I couldn’t resist.

Don't you agree?

If you just have to use one like a ring pop however and put it in your mouth one of the things I like best about Pop Plugs is that they are made of silky smooth silicone.
That means you can easily clean them with soap and water and then toss them in a pan of water to boil and sterilize.

Most of my favorite toys are silicone for that very reason. The ability to sterilize a toy easily makes it a good sharable toy.
I am kinda weird about sharing anal toys though so the ones that our friends may like and use we go a step further than most people can.
My husband actually uses an autoclave at his work to sterilize these little plugs and they are stored in sealed autoclave bags in one of our bedroom dresser drawers.
The boiling would of course be just fine, but for some reason the sealed steri-bags just make it seem better for me.

So… Lets talk Pop Plugs!
I love these simple plugs not just for the cute factor (rare in a butt plug) and the material choice (silky smooth silicone) or the fact that they are pink and pink is a fun and sexy color for a sex toy of any type in my mind.
I mostly love Pop Plugs for their shape and perfect staging of sizes.
Usually I use a plug just to increase my pleasure while fucking.
Just popping in the medium sized plug (my personal favorite size of these plugs) and then having regular intercourse is amazing. The fullness and pressure alone once a cock is introduced to the mix sends me over the edge very fast.
In doggy style position the head going in and out of my vagina hits just right, rubbing against the most bulbous part of the Pop Plug and almost doubles the intensity of my orgasms.

As I said, “I love these plugs.”

One of my big complaints with a lot of butt plugs is the base of the plug.
The most common way a butt plug comes is either with a flat base or a ring at the back.
In both cases this is designed to keep the plug from slipping inside, but if only a flare is at the end it is often to slippery to manipulate with lube covered hands. When only a ring is at the end it is easy to manipulate, but doesn’t feel secure or the ring is just way to big and makes me feel stupid.
Pop plugs have both.
A nice base and a small ring allowing for easy manipulation of the toy no matter how slippery you or your partners fingers have become and also great for easy removal when you are done with it.

On to the available sizes…
Here is why I love the staging of sizes though.
I love anal sex. I like it to be spontaneous and passion filled.
Every once and a while though I get to plan for an anal sex session.
Usually that means a bit rougher and wilder anal sex session.
If I’m going to get it rough I want it to be comfortable and hot. Pain isn’t my thing.
Pop plugs can be used as part of that preparation.
Using them one stage at a time from smallest to largest with 15 minutes of wearing each of the smaller ones and then about a half an hour of the large size plug makes it so I can comfortably take anybody and at whatever aggression level they so desire.

Pop Plug sizes:
Small: 1″ x 1-4/5″
Medium: 1-1/4″ x 2-1/2″
Large: 1-1/2″ x 2-1/2″

pop plug butt plugs come in three sizes


I know not everyone is into using plugs for anal sex prep, but if you are you have to love a plug available in multiple sizes.

This little trick also works for introducing people to anal pleasures.
Even the least relaxed and nervous anal newbie can get used to anal play through the use of plugs.

If you have no plug experience and plan to use plugs before anal sex because you always find anal sex painful I would suggest using the smallest plug every few days to get used to it for a couple weeks and then wearing it  for a full 20 at least before you attempt  penetration with anything larger. Remember to use a lot of lube and go slow.

Great first anal toys when it comes to plugs

Pop Plugs at Babeland

Pop Plugs butt plugs are available HERE from babeland.
Or if you would like you can check out all of their available butt plugs HERE.


If you have never used a butt plug, but have curiosity about them I wrote a basic introduction to butt plugs article for Real Sex Toy Reviews (featuring Pop-Plugs) that serves as a basic primer as to what butt plugs are, their uses, and how to safely use one. It doesn’t cover everything, but it will give you the basics and maybe add a little something to your list of things to do in the sexual fun department.

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Have a question about the swinging lifestyle ? – Just ask.

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