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The sexiest blogs of 2012

by on Dec.31, 2012, under Unsorted

sexiest blogs of 2012

The Annual sexiest blogs of 2012 – Always worth a read list

The annual list of sexy blogs is up on Red Region Inferno. All types of blogs covering many aspects of sexuality, lifestyles, and thoughts on the same. Check it out HERE!
You are sure to find a few to your liking.

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Anonymity and blogging about the lifestyle

by on Jan.12, 2012, under Unsorted

Hello. My husband and I have been in the lifestyle for quite a while.
We have a couples profile on some popular local sites. In addition, I
have a blog and twitter account that I use to write about my sexual
exploits, swinging philosophy, etc. I use a different name there that
reflects just my personality. I’m not sure how much crossover there
should be between these two online presences? I like to be pretty
specific and graphic in my personal blog (without using names, of
course), and I worry that if our real-life friends read the blog, it
would be looked down upon as kissing and telling. It’s kind of weird
keeping them totally separate, but I also like the freedom it gives me
on the blog. Any advice?

By Miranda-
Okay, so if you’re not using names but describing events then I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you feel compelled to tell your “real friends” then do it or even make sure it’s okay by saying, “Hey I blog about our play dates, do you mind me using our sexual adventure in one, I NEVER use names.” I think it’s hard to let your friends always know about blogs and such, most of our friends have NOOOO idea we have this site. It’s just another one of those things that in a private alternative lifestyle we want to keep private. Now I’ll tell you this, there are hundreds of sex blogs out there so the chances of your friends finding yours is slim to none if you don’t share it with someone. Almost like finding a needle in a hay stack. Although I did happen to find a relative of mine at a nude park I hadn’t seen in 6 years to only then months later find out he was also in the lifestyle…small world. I say take the chance if you’re not mentioning their names then all you really are doing is retelling a hot sexy story. They should be flattered. I wish you luck with keepin it real while keepin it secret.

By Aarron-
I completely understand the dilemma you face as I have many of the same worries when I occasionally talk about our lifestyle adventures on my personal blog.
I do use my own name however for my blogging and have been found a few times by people. It hasn’t caused any issues however yet, but in using my own name I know I am easy to find so much watch what I say a bit.
Telling no names may protect our friends identities, but it doesn’t protect their feelings if I say something derogatory about them.
Knowing that my lifestyle friends may eventually read my blog makes it so I can’t mention that my wife thought Jane Smith’s friend who tried to put the moves on her had breath that smelled of rancid fish and wore his pants to high on the waste.
If I tell a story that gives enough detail for the other participants to know it was them I am going to leave out that the girl kissed so bad I had to keep busy elsewhere to avoid it.
Friends and friends of friends… I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them angry. I’m vague enough in my stories that only they themselves (or their very close friends) would know it was them I spoke of, so nobody has ever cared if I mentioned them in a blog post.
So… as someone who does blog about the lifestyle with his own name I will tell you that your freedom to say exactly what you want in a way you want will be compromised if you combine your online personas.
You will always be thinking “what if they read this?
The kiss and tell part is not a big deal as long as you change up the names and places a bit, but the watching of what and how you share your experiences may be greatly affected.
No real advice there I know, but hopefully sharing my own experiences will help you figure it all out.

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