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Booty Call Booty Rocket

by on Mar.18, 2012, under Spice

It is soft, it is waterproof, it is pliable, it goes in your butt, and it leaves room for your partner to do you doggy style at the same time because it is small.
That my friends makes for a nice Booty Call.

This little toy is called the Booty Call Booty Rocket and it lives up to the name.
It is a fun toy.

Swingers anal booty call vibe

Made of easy to clean silicone this vibe that has multiple speeds, escalations, and pulse settings can be cleaned with 10% bleach solution between uses so is play friend friendly.
If you are not into black you can get it in pink too.
The design of this makes for easy rear end entry, but please be aware that it is NOT a plug and won’t just hang out fulfilling your desires on its own.
The thing is easy entry, but also will come out easy. It is best to think of this as a hands on anal vibe.
(not that you couldn’t use it for pussy pleasure)
In my opinion this toy is best used with a partner. Man behind doing it doggy style while the Booty Call Booty Rocket is used in the back door.
It would also be very good for a guy who would like anal pleasures during intercourse if the woman sat reverse cowgirl and used the rocket on the guys anus.
I realize not everyone can bend forward that much and manipulate a toy in such a way depending on build and flexibility, but if you can it is a great way to use it.

The control for the Booty Call Booty Rocket is via a button on the end.
Great and easy access, but you need to go through the settings to get to the exact one you like. The control is lit by an LED light so it works in the dark too if you happen to prefer doing it with the lights off. To turn the little bugger off just press the button down for three seconds. Easy Peasy!

As this a new product from Cal Exotics I was not able to find it for sale on any major online retail sites yet.
I did find a new listing for it on Amazon, but without a picture.
California Exotic Novelties Booty Call Booty Rocket, Pink on Amazon
I expect to see this one at most well known stores soon though because it is a nice toy and retails for under thirty bucks so keep an eye out.

Way to go Cal Exotics!

Product stats:
Bulk Weight: 2.2(oz) / 0.06(kg)
4.75” x 1.25”/12 cm x 3.25 cm
Soft and pliable vibrating Silicone probes
Ribbed or tapered for personalized pleasure
10 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation
Push button control with LED light
Silicone (probe) ABS with PU Cote (cap) ABS with Silver Plating (décor ring)
1 AA battery


The Booty Call Booty Rocket was provided to me by the manufacturer (California Exotic Novelties) in exchange for my honest review of their product.


Cal Exotics Sexpert

I am a Certified Cal Exotics Sexpert with California Exotic Novelties

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Flexi Risque Anal Probe

by on Aug.19, 2011, under Unsorted

As a general rule I don’t talk about sex toys here on The Swingers Attic that are not good for sharing with others.
I do make exceptions though, and this is one of them.
It is called the Flexi Risque, and it is a vibrating butt plug.

flexi risque vibrating anal plug

Before I tell you the wonderful things about this toy that make me think it is something worth talking about here on Swingers Attic, I will tell you the two things I don’t like about it, and why it isn’t good for sharing with others.

Both the cons for this toy are in regards to properly sanitizing it.

The first thing and also the reason this toy is not good for sharing with friends is the materials used in making it.
Flexi Risque Probe is made with plastic and rubber. Rubbers are porous and cannot be properly sanitized between uses. I abhor the use of condoms on sex toys, but if you do desire to share this toy please remember that you must do so with a condom on it. There is no way to safely sterilize the Flexi Risque without damaging the toy with commonly available means.
I do not fault California Exotic Novelties for using these materials in manufacture of this toy because making it from Tin-Cure Silicone (my favorite material for sex toys to be made from) would have tripled the price at least. The materials used on the Flexi Risque have made this a very affordable toy for what you get.

My second complaint about the Flexi Risque is that in the area where the head of the probe meets up with the rubber shaft a groove exists. The groove is not easy to clean. Being completely waterproof it is cleanable however. We have vigorously washed it under very hot water with soap multiple times now and it has done no damage whatsoever to the toy.

Enough with my complaints.

Now I will tell you what is so wonderful about the Flexi Risque Anal probe.

The first thing I would like to say about this toy is that I have never found a better vibrating plug for having in while at the same time having intercourse.
The shaft on the plug is a bit more slender than what is usually found on plugs, and is very flexible.
That combination allows for me to move around in any position while wearing it without it getting uncomfortable. I hate when I am in the middle of sex and wish to change positions and all of a sudden My thrill turns to pinching pain because of a toy. The Flexi Risque allowed me to fuck in any and every position that came along with no problems.
I have had a couple other butt plugs that did that, but not vibrating ones.

The vibrations on this toy rang from mild to powerful. It has ten vibration, pulsation and escalation settings that are all controlled with the push of a button on the bottom of the toy. The button is easy to use even when your hands are slippery with lube.

From Aarron’s point of view this toy is the most awesome butt toy for me ever.
Yes, you read that right.
His reason is that when inserted in my derriere the vibrations from the toy can be felt in my pussy in a way he says no other toy has ever come close to achieving.
On first entering me his actual words went something like “Holy fuck, it’s like a vibro pussy.”
I know that doesn’t sound all romantic, but we rarely end up having that kind of sex when we start off by lubing up an anal toy. lol

One feature of the control button that I really love is that all you have to do when you want to turn it off is push the button for three seconds.
Many toys make you flip through all the vibe patters to find the off, and when you are wanting it off that can be very annoying.
Praise be to the easy off button!

flexi anal plug button on bottom

When you look at the base you may think “that looks awfully large.”
It looked big and bulky to me at first too. Turns out the base is just perfect in size to hold on to and move it around. It is also just perfect for your partner to hold onto and move around. It did not get in the way at all during sex.

Yep, I liked the Flexi Risque.
It is THE BEST vibrating anal plug I have used so far when it comes to having sex while wearing a plug.
It is comfortable and has very strong vibrations.

Here are the stats on the Flexi Risque Probe:
It is made of soft ABS plastic (the head portion) and rubber (the shaft)
Has powerful vibrations.
Is a bit loud when not inserted, but not to loud when inside.
Flexible so it moves with you as you need.Ten vibe functions.
Waterproof (I have not used it under water, but have left it submerged in hot water)
Easy button control on an easy to hold base.
Has a nice smooth feel to it.
Not recommended as a sharable toy unless you put a condom on it.
Size is 4 3/4 inches in total length with 3 and 3/4 inches of that being insertable.
Five inches in circumference.
Uses 3 AAA batteries.
I consider this an intermediate level plug. I would not consider this a good First plug, but if you have had some experience with plugs/probes then go for it.
Always use lots of lube when playing with anal toys.


If you would like more information on this product you can also read my review on Edenfantasys of the Flexi Risque.

The Flexi Risque Probe was provided to me by the manufacturer (California Exotic Novelties) in exchange for my honest review of their product.

cal exotics

I am a Certified Cal Exotics Sexpert with California Exotic Novelties

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