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Going down after cumming inside

by on Dec.01, 2010, under Sexuality


My husband and I have been swinging for close to three years and have for the most part always played using condoms, but sometimes we don’t for various reasons.
When we play bareback I always request that the man pull out for orgasm and we have never had an issue.
This time we had all been drinking a bit to much and not only did the guy cum inside, but I asked him to after he asked if he could.
My husband was extremely turned on by this and as soon as my friend got off of me my husband went down on me. I was slightly appalled and didn’t know what to think. My husband got into it so much he achieved a second erection (something he never is able to do) and had sex with me while telling me how hot it was to lick another mans cum from my pussy.
I think this is very strange and a bit gross. I have never heard of a man wanting to do that and it seems to smack of homosexuality also.
What I was wondering is if this is a common thing, or should I be worried?

By Miranda-
In my personal opinion bodily fluid is bodily fluid. Your husband I presume goes down on woman so and NOT on men.
He probably hasn’t told you about any homosexual tendencies because he doesn’t have any. Your husband probably got turned on by another man cumming in you and believed it would be a secure thing for him to be able to enjoy your juices after. I don’t think you should worry about your husband being homosexual, honestly. Like you said, you all had a little too much to drink and your husband was indulging comfortably in a fantasy.
Licking another mans cum out of your pussy doesn’t shout, “hey I’m gay!” It to me personally shouts, “Hey I feel comfortable doing this and my wife is so hot for letting this guy cum in her!”
I wouldn’t mind if my husband did such a thing if that’s what he was into but it’s NOT something I’m going to ask him to do because as like you I find it a bit appalling. But in life, I always say to each their own, so if my husband felt like in the heat of the moment he wanted to do such a thing well, go for it!!!
If you’re not comfortable with him licking you after another man has cum in you please make sure you tactfully tell him so.
Don’t make him feel like what he did was wrong or nasty just tell him that in order for you to enjoy yourself, you would prefer for him not to do that. Tell him you didn’t become turned on by it and would prefer if he didn’t indulge in doing it. Maybe tell him you felt a little uneasy and uncomfortable.
Chances are you’re husband also had a little to much to drink and acted on a whim. He felt comfortable doing it but if you aren’t comfortable with it make sure to make it clear. Feeling sexy and comfortable are essential in the lifestyle and if one of you isn’t feeling both then its probably a good idea to talk about why.

By Aarron-
Since you say your have never heard of a man being into licking the cum out of his wife’s pussy you obviously haven’t played around any people into the hotwife & or cuckold thing. For people who are really into those two sorts of play it is very common in both fantasy and reality for men to enjoy licking cum from their freshly fucked wives.
Are these men homosexuals? Nope. Certainly a few are bisexual , but the focus of the hotwife lifestyle is on the wife. The male often puts his wife on a pedestal as a sort of sexual goddess. It isn’t gay at all. In cuckoldry the male is often playing the victim and the wife is dominant and a keeps her husband as a submissive. The licking of her lovers cum from her pussy is an act of servitude. Both cuckoldry and hotwife fetishists do of course play their games and live their lifestyles in many different ways, so you can’t take what I just said as something that applies to all.
My point is… It is VERY common in hose particular lifestyles.
In swinging it is however also common for some men to have such fantasies. It is rarely played out though because swinging in general is a subculture that pushes for safe sex more than almost any grouping of people I know of.
Swingers are by far the most condom using group of people I have ever met.
Condoms are expected unless otherwise agreed on in swinging.
That is something I have never come across in any other lifestyle.
If only vanilla people practiced such safe measures.
Another reason that men don’t go down on their wives (or other women) after another man has cum in them is that homosexuality and bisexuality are not looked at kindly in the swinging lifestyle when it comes to men.
For a group of people that onsider themselves sexualy open it baffles me how many homophobics exist in the lifestyle.
Bisexual males often hide their bi side in swinging and straight men often don’t do certain things they may wish to do for fear someone my think it is a gay act.
If your husband was very turned on by another man cumming inside you (something else taboo to many swingers) and wanted to lick you because it got him off… more power to him.
It isn’t my thing. I don’t usually like to go there after cumming when it’s my own even, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t normal.
As for your own feelings… You got screwed, got a load of cum you obviously wanted, and then got eaten out afterwards. It all sounds like it should have been pretty pleasurable.
Not many women would have a complaint about having good sex leading to oral sex that turned into even more sex.
Since you are a bit put off though, my advice is that you tell him your thoughts. I know that I would want to know if I was doing something that turned my wife off.

Some fun facts:
The act of sucking semen out of the vagina or anus of one’s partner after sex is properly called Felching. You can see Wikipedia’s page on felching here.
The common term for what your husband did however in modern speak is Creampie Eating.
A creampie is when a male cums inside his partner’s anus or vagina.
The term also refers to the visible cum dripping from the anus or vagina.
Go here for Wikipedia’s page on Creampie. I would like to point out however at the time of this post (Dec 1st 2010) Wikipedia seriously needs to update the creampie page.

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Likes to swallow every time

by on Nov.14, 2010, under Playing with others, Sexuality


I love swallowing, but my husband says it makes him uncomfortable when I swallow other men’s cum.
I tell him it is my reward for a job well done and he says I should only swallow his cum.
I have never heard him tell another woman not to swallow his cum though.
What should I do?

By Miranda-
You should do a little more investigating into the reason he only wants you to swallow his cum. 
Is it because of intimacy or is it because he thinks it not safe?  He could just want it to be a special thing you do with him, but he thinks it to be special with others as well. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want you to do it with others is because its a special thing and it makes him feel like your lovers are just as important.  
It may be a way he feels close to you. 
Remember in the case of safety that if you have a cut or scratch inside your mouth it’s probably not a good idea to have a mans cum in your mouth but otherwise you are safe.  
Your stomach acids are designed to take care of such things if they weren’t the world would be riddled with sickness of all sorts. 
I think you need to discuss it a little further with your husband and weigh the pros and cons.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander so I only find it fair that if he is okay with other women swallowing his cum he should be okay with you swallowing other men’s.

By Aarron-
If his concerns are about sexually transmitted infections it should be a matter of having a man orgasm in your mouth or not rather than an issue of you swallowing.
Herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis can all be transmitted through unprotected oral sex.
As for HIV , most experts say there is little to no risk of getting HIV through fellatio.
Since most sexually transmitted infections are transmitted through contact with sores or lesions on the genitals, or are present in the precum, anybody performing unprotected oral sex on an infected partner has already been exposed even before their partner reaches orgasm.
Once the guy cums you have two choices… spit or swallow.
If swallowing is the rout taken you can rest easy knowing that the digestive enzymes and acids will destroy all the nasty germs and your stomach and intestines are not vulnerable to sexually transmitted infections.
So… with that out of the way:
It is my guess that the issue your husband has with you swallowing has zip to do with STI risks.
I am guessing it has to do with intimacy or wanting to keep something semi special between you.
Just because your husband lets other women swallow his cum doesn’t men he likes you to swallow other men’s cum.
From the perspective of many males it often it seems extra special and intamate for a woman to swallow.
The woman is taking in fluid from the male. She deliberately swallows his cum.
The male is taking nothing into his body and therefore doesn’t feel it as such an intimate or special act on his part. He is also not making a decision as to what becomes of his ejaculate. The woman is.
The ball is in her court so to speak. It is her decision as to if she removes his cock from her mouth for orgasm or keeps it in her mouth and allows his cum to go in her mouth. It is then her decision to spit or swallow the cum if she did let him cum in her mouth.
The male is semi passive through all of this and if he does take an active role in these decisions through physical guidance or verbal requests he is still at the mercy of whatever decision the woman makes.
It is a very powerful position for the woman.
So… you can see how it can be viewed by some men as special for the woman to swallow, yet not special for the man to “let” a woman swallow.
Talk with your husband and see what it really is that makes him feel uncomfortable when you swallow for other men.

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