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Giving notice of the big ‘O’

by on Nov.01, 2010, under Lifestyle Etiquette, Playing with others


When we go to clubs and a girl is giving me oral sex I usually tell her when I am going to cum, but a few times I have not been in a position to do so.
Does a woman have a way to know when a man is going to cum? 
Is it wrong to not tell a woman when she is giving me oral?
No problems so far from the few times I wasn’t able to tell them in advance, but I worry about it.

By Miranda-
I will tell you I enjoy when a man tells me he is going to cum because it allows me to work my magic and fully enjoy the experience.  Also I can tell when my husband is about to cum in my mouth because his cock becomes harder and begins to pulsate.  However not all men have this happen and not all woman pay that much attention to it. 
I think telling a woman you’re about to cum is considerate and sexy but I think its not always necessary.  For some woman it’s a must have and for others they could care less.  I believe you’re doing the right thing by voicing your orgasm and it never hurts to drop the hint. 
I tell my partners when I am going to orgasm because I think it lets them know that what they’re doing shouldn’t be stopped but not all people enjoy notice. 
Just take comfort in knowing that by telling your partner you’re not hurting anyone or anything.  Its just a personal preference.

By Aarron-
In general I would say it is always best to give notice because some (not all) women really appreciate it.
One girl I know has only ever let 2 men cum in her mouth. She actually is worried about a man not showing signs of orgasm and neglecting to tell her.
She has had a few men at parties try to cum without notice during oral, as she puts it “sneak” and attempt to cum in her mouth.
Such actions result in an instant dislike of the men because she doesn’t trust them anymore in any manner.
The result is that she will never play with them again and prefers not to even socialize with them.
A lot of women don’t want a surprise orgasm and a lot of women don’t want cum in their mouths.
If for no other reason than that it is always best to give notice in any way you can.

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