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Sexier than a box of chocolates for Valentine’s

by on Jan.17, 2012, under Spice

What can be sexier than a box of chocolates for Valentine’s?
A box full of sweet an yummy tastes for you and your lover to share in passion of course.
This is the Sweet Heart strawberry box – sensual kit.
It looks like a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates and it is full of sweets, but these are sweets to enjoy in a more intimate fashion than the usual box of chocolates.

Sexier than a box of chocolates for Valentine’s

Open the box and you will find Kama Sutra Strawberry Crème Body Soufflé which is a kissable cream meant to be rubbed into your partners skin (think erotic massage on Valentine’s Day) and leaves a slight strawberry taste after all over the body. It smells rather nice too.
You will also find some Edible White Chocolate body paint from Kama Sutra’s Lover’s Paintbox line of edible body paints. I prefer regular chocolate myself, but I am thinking most people would like the white chocolate along with the Strawberry Crème Body Soufflé. Paint some sexy messages on each other and lick them off.
Then comes the Kama Sutra Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust. This stuff is silky smooth, leaves your skin feeling oh so sexy, tastes wonderful, and in general just plain sets the mood.
I’m guessing a lot of you are familiar with and have used the original Honey Dust, so just think of that with a light strawberry flavor.
It also lasts a long time because a little goes a long way so you’ll get many uses from it.
Along with these wonderful treats comes a great feather brush to softly apply the honey dust and another fun brush for the Edible White Chocolate body paint.
All in all we have some great tasty treats packaged up perfectly for your valentines sweetheart.

Here is your direct link to the Sweet Heart strawberry box.
Direct link to a gift Sexier than a box of chocolates

Aarron would like me to mention that he really loves the Petite honey dust, and that it is available in three flavors at EdenFantasys.
His favorite is Honeysuckle (the original) he says and not the Strawberry, but he likes them all.
He also says that it is a wonderful surprise to find just a tad of this stuff on a girls neck or breasts when he wasn’t expecting it. He likes the feel of it on skin and enjoys the light scent.

The Sweet Heart strawberry box gift set in its very Valentine’s day looking heart shaped box featuring edible body treats was sent to us from Edenfantasys sex toys free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion and review.
Our opinion is… two thumbs up as a fun Valentines gift!
You can get it here.

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Stuff Her Stocking With This Glass Candy Cane

by on Nov.25, 2011, under Spice, Unsorted

Ho ho ho ho ho, it’s the season.
Christmas time is here and sexy stocking stuffers are a must.
Did I say a must? I did.
Here is a perfect one…
The Doc Johnson Reflections Glass Candy Cane.

A thick glass vibrating candy cane is perfect to make any swinger girl smile

Candy canes are a perfect stocking stuffer, and this one is extra special.

It is a vibrator that looks like a candy cane it isn't real

Enough playing around.
This is an honest to goodness awesome sex toy.

serious glass vibe perfect for christmas

The Reflections Candy Cane is made of Borosilate glass (Pyrex) so is smooth, easy to clean, and holds temperatures well.
Stick it in some ice water for some frosty feeling fun, or dip it in some warm water for a different sensation.
If you are a guy and like the ice cubes and warm water blowjob treatment then just imagine returning the favor with this glass vibe.
This toy is very smooth feeling and the looks make. me think of peppermint flavored girly bits. SEXY!
It’s ability to transfer vibrations is amazing because it’s glass, and the delicate hook of the candy cane was PERFECT at reaching my G spot when I tried it out.
It is hard to ask for much more in a stocking stuffer than that.

Candy Cane Reflections Glass Vibrator for a stocking

Learn more about it here!
Reflections candy cane - G-spot vibrators - EdenFantasys
The The Reflections Glass Candy Cane



The Doc Johnson Reflections Glass Candy Cane!
This candy cane shaped, red on white striped G spot vibrator made by Doc Johnson was sent to us from Edenfantasys sex toys to review.

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