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The Compagnia- A double dildo you can really use

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The double dildo (or double ended dildo) is a sex toy that almost immediately comes to mind when people think of girl on girl play involving toys.
Double dildos are fun. They are playful, visual, sexy, and can make for a wonderful time.
The problem is that most double dildos are made of jelly rubber.
Jelly rubber is filled with harmful chemicals and also breaks down pretty fast.
Stinky-sticky toys are no fun.
Dangerous chemicals that can cause health problems are no fun.
A toy that is porous (like jelly rubber) is useless in swinging. It is a surefire way to get infections. You can’t sterilize such toys, and putting a condom on each end is just a pain in the ass, plus takes away the fun spontaneity.
No jelly dongs for me thanks very much.
I have been wanting a Compagnia double dildo for some time now.
Made by California Exotic Novelties’ and part of their fabulous Couture Collection… the Compagnia is a double ended dildo made with medical quality silicone that is actually reasonably priced.
I’d been planning to get one eventually from EdenFantasys, (Check it out here) but to my pleasure I was sent one to review from the makers of the toy ‘Cal exotics’ because I had mentioned to them I wanted one.
Huge thanks to California Exotic Novelties for sending me this very impressive double dildo.

the best double dildo ever

This is the product as it arrived. I was very excited, and though the box is not really anything special it does show a good representation of the product.

silicone double dildo

Once I opened it up I felt it over and inspected it pretty well.
The silicone is made from two pieces and held together in the center.
If I hadn’t wanted this toy so bad I think I would have torn the center strip/ridge apart just to check it out.
What kind of core existed under the silicone I had no idea, but after looking it up I found it is a foam core of some type. That made me want to open it up even more to see it, but no way I was going to do that. This is a toy I plan on keeping around for some time.
I get a dozen plus sex toys sent to me each month for review purposes and before even using this one I knew it was going to be a favorite.

the seem in center of the double dildo

Here is a close up of the center so you can see what I was talking about.
Since getting this double dildo a little over two weeks ago I have used it a total of three times.
Once was a solo session and twice with a girlfriend.
I can assure you that it is a strong toy that doesn’t fall apart. On one of the occasions I used it we put it through a very large amount of testing.

This is a much firmer double dildo than any jelly dildo you will come across. It is still very flexible though.
I found it perfect. It had just enough firmness to give lots of pressure and just enough bend to never cause any pain.
The texture is silk like, smooth silicone. It lubes up well and gets super slick. (use water based lube)
The twisty pattern of the dildo itself was also just about perfect.
The ridges add sensation, but not a ton. The only reason I say “just about” perfect is that tastes will differ. When I asked my girlfriend she said a few more twisty spirals to the thing would have been nice. I thought it was just right though.

tip of the silicone double dildo

Here is a good look at the end of the compagnia. You can see the swirl pattern pretty well, and as it slides inside it is a very nice feeling.

For cleaning I have have used a 10% bleach solution on it three times and boiled it once.
The boiling seemed to not cause any damage at all.
This is the perfect double ender for those in the swinging world who wish to play with such a toy.
The ability to sterilize it between uses/partners, and the fact that it is made with a non irritating silicone instead of jelly rubber is enough of a reason to say that.
Add in the fact that the design of the Compagnia makes it a 5 star pleasure to use and you can’t go wrong.


I am a CalExotics Sexpert
 CalExotics Sexpert Thank you CalExotics for another great product!

Stats on the Couture compagnia double ended dildo:
Length: 13 1/4″
Circumference: 5 1/4″
Diameter: 1 5/8″
Weight: 9.5 oz
Material: Silicone
Recommended for: those who want to safely share a double ended dildo.

Couture compagnia - Double ended dildos - EdenFantasys
LINK: Couture compagnia – Double ended dildo – EdenFantasys

‘Cal exotics’ sent me the Compagnia for an honest review. I received no money for this review.

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