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When he watches me I can’t cum

by on Nov.14, 2011, under Sexuality, Unsorted


About a year ago I fulfilled one of my husbands fantasies by meeting up with a traveling man in a hotel room for sex and then coming home with his cum in me. That first time was nerve wracking because I didn’t know what to expect from my husband afterwards, but it turned him on so much it was like when we first met. He wanted sex with me every minute for weeks and couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I loved his response so much I decided to do it again and because I wasn’t worried had the hugest orgasms ever. We have been doing this ever since and both love it.
About two months ago my husband asked to watch me and I did it. My husband loved it and I had sex with both of them three times each. It was fun and my husband was even more turned on and now that is what he wants. To fuck me with a freshly filled pussy. The problem is that i can’t cum when i am being watched. I like how passionate it makes him towards me, but I have become addicted to the multiple orgasms I get from having a new guy and knowing how my husband is going to ravish me afterwards. When he watches I get just to the point of climax and can’t get over it. I told him I like the hotel meetings and privacy and he says it isn’t as good so he doesn’t want me doing it anymore. If you have suggestions on how to get a compromise on this I’d be a happy woman. No lectures on STD facts and meeting strange men please. My husband does background checks on the men before I meet them and makes sure they are who they say and I am in the medical profession and know that I am taking health risks, but also know that I am more likely to die in a car accident on the way to the hotel than catch an STD that can’t be taken care of with simple antibiotics. I asked a similar question to this on another site with forums and just got told that I shouldn’t meet with strange men and to use condoms by a bunch of people who get their health information from scare pamphlets.

By Miranda-
Well you won’t get any STD facts from us today my dear!!!!  I think it’s wonderful you do this for your husband and I also think it’s great you and your husband were able to light an old flame in the bed room by fulfilling your husband’s fantasies.  It sounds like you enjoy sleeping with other men and you enjoy your husband’s reactions.
Now onto ways you can find a compromise!!!  I think you should ask your husband if you can maybe film the encounter.  That way you come home with a tape for him to cherish for as long as he likes and you also get to orgasm multiple times.
I personally don’t think it’s fair for your husband to all of a sudden change the game plan by saying it’s not good to meet them alone anymore since you’ve been doing it for a year.  I do think it’s dangerous for you to meet men in hotels you don’t know but…it’s absolutely none of my business and to each their own.
I can’t say I never did anything like that before.  The men of course would have to agree to the taping of course, but if you aren’t enjoying your husband’s presence and he loves to watch you with these men well… that’s my suggestion.  That way you get to cum and he gets a souvenir, it’s a win win situation.  I wish you the best of luck with your dilemma and hope you and your husband can figure it out.  It doesn’t sound like a horrible hitch in your giddy up just a small puddle, you two I can tell will make it work for both of you. Good luck and have fun enriching the communication in your marriage, also thank you for sharing your life with Aarron and I.

By Aarron-
I like Miranda’s filming idea, but I am not sure that would give your husband what he is looking for, and it also may remove the spontaneity from your own experiences and maybe make you just as self conscious as when your husband is watching in person. I am taking it for granted that it is a bit of self consciousness that is stopping your orgasms while being watched, or it may be that you behave differently with the other men when alone, and become inhibited while your hubby is in the room.
I will say that if he liked you coming home after, and also liked being there during… the filming would be something else he would probably enjoy. It is doubtful it would replace his wanting to watch though in my mind.
The compromise you are looking for is basically that you are just as entitled to get what you want in your sexual adventures as your husband is. It is one of those situations where my advise is just to state what you want and need.
Make it an every other time type thing maybe. He gets off on the watching, being involved, and sexing you up immediately, but you need some private one on one to get your rocks off. Say so.
It is great that you started with this activity to fulfill your husbands desires and it turned out to be something you really enjoy. I would guess that because of how you started the adventure and the description of your husbands reactions that he would be more than happy to do an every other time type play agreement.


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Into the idea of just watching and later a MFM

by on Oct.29, 2011, under Newbie Help


Hi we are a couple new to swinging. We are really into the idea of a
MFM. Was wifes idea. For the first time we really want to have me the
hubby sit back watch and masturbate and then if she likes we do more
later with me joining another time. Is this possible are there men out
there willing to do this while I watch and beat off?

By Miranda-
I love new and adventurous couples looking to join the lifestyle because you ask just great questions.
YES, there are actually tons of men in the lifestyle who would love to assist you in fulfilling you and your wife’s desires. Whether you want a single male or married male, it’s all up to you. You can find a man who’s allowed to play separately or you can find a single male to play along.
If you decide on a married male I will make the suggestion of talking with the wife on the phone to one make sure she exists and also gives her husband permission to come alone.
Maybe you want the wife there just to also watch or gently play, it’s all up to what you’re interested in.
With swinging always remember, if there’s a desire for something, there’s generally a way to have it fulfilled. You just need to take the time to search it out and not rush into finding a play partner for your wife.
I also want to tell you that you need to let your expectations be known to your playmate such as what your wife likes and dislikes and if there’s anything you are uncomfortable with make sure you let it be known.
Open communication is the key to a successful play date. I wish you the best in your search for the your first playmates and hope you both have a naughty Halloween.

By Aarron-
The number of males willing to help with such a scenario as you describe is actually huge.
You will find all types of men are available, so take your time and select exactly what you are looking for.
From personal experience I have found Lifestyle Lounge has the most respectful and lifestyle knowledgeable selection of single males and solo playing married men in our particular area, and in general.
They also have the least amount of single males per couple though because the site doesn’t put up with jerks.
If you wan’t a huge selection and are willing to wade through a ton of emails AdultFriendFinder -aka- AFF is your best choice as it is the biggest of all sites catering to swingers and also has the largest amount of single males.
As my wife said… be sure to let your playmate know what it is you are wishing and any boundaries you may have before play to ensure all goes well.
Have a great Halloween.

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