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Ripples Waterproof Mini Vibrator

by on Sep.26, 2011, under Spice

I was recently sent the Ripples Waterproof Mini Vibrator for review from Good Vibrations, and though it is made of ABS Plastic rather than silicone (my preferred material because it is easy to sterilize between uses) I thought it was still very worthy of being shared here on the Swingers Attic. (please see notes about cleaning and sterilizing this product at the end of my post)

Here it is.
The Ripples Waterproof Mini Vibrator in it’s packaging.

Fun tiny vibe in the box

Ripples is from the Doc Johnson Decadence collection of sex toys and has their trademarked “Velvet Cote” finish.
Velvet cote is a good description because the vibe feels velvety-soft.
Why do I like this vibe?
It is because this wavy little plaything is petite enough to take anywhere. (I took that line from Good Vibrations description because it fit so perfectly)
With a wider base and narrower tip it fits anywhere too!
The ripples make it great for soft anal play, but the reality is that this vibe is best for external clit stimulation.
I love small vibrators that I can toss in my purse and bring with me anyplace.
Little things like this are so small you can even just put it in a pocket, or better yet, make your husband put it in his pocket and carry it around for you just in case it is needed.

How small is it?
It is about the size of my index finger.

The ripples vibrator is about the same size as my finger

I’m sure all you fun people out there in swinger land know how wonderful something the size of a finger can be. Now imagine that little finger is velvety soft, rigid, smooth, has no nail on the end to worry about, has ripples, and vibrates.
Nice finger I’d say. I hope your thinking girly fingers because it is about the size of my husbands pinky finger.
Here it is compared to my pinky finger.

This vibe may be my husband pinky size but my pinky is smaller

I have small fingers. My pinky wouldn’t do it for you. The ripples vibe would though I bet.

If your a more organized person than I am and you like to keep all your little swinger bag nick nacks separated in little bags and cases you will love this.
It comes with a great little case that enables you to store the vibe safely from all your other items.
No zip lock needed!
This case would also be great just for general storage or for when you are traveling. It is always funny to me when the airport guys open up your case and see your vibrator stuffed between your undies and toothpaste, but I know not everyone thinks that way.

The little case for your finger sized vibrator

Ripples is discreet little toy.
It is waterproof, has a multi speed dial type control (the lightest vibration is VERY quiet) and only requires 1 AA battery to tickle your fancy.
Not a must, but if you want a small, low noise, velvety, rippled pocket sized vibe that you can take anyplace then this is one worth checking out.
It is certainly a great alternative to a standard pocket rocket styled vibe, and though it isn’t the best for internal use it is wonderful to have that option.

Here is a direct link to the Ripples Waterproof Mini Vibrator on the Good Vibrations site.

This vibe is a keeper

Cleaning and sterilization notes of ABS:
Though ABS plastics clean well with just some soap and water they can not be sterilized with normal household products without possible damage to the product.
If you are sharing this toy with people whom you are not fluid bonded then bleach is your only option for sterilization between uses.
ABS can be soaked a 10% to 20% solution of bleach to water (resulting is satisfactory sterilization) but bleach can cause slight corrosion or discoloration to these plastics. It is usually very slight and takes multiple soaks to notice such corrosion / discoloration, but it does happen.
Isopropyl alcohol may also be used on ABS plastics, but please note that this serves to sanitize rather than fully sterilize the toy.
Since this product is a not easily sterilized in the home environmental I must say that it would be safest to use a condom on the product when sharing. The size of this toy however makes me wish to recommend latex finger cots instead.

Here is a link to – Finger Cots on

This Ripples vibrator was sent to us free of charge from Good Vibrations in exchange for an honest review of the product.
This review was written by Miranda in cooperation with and  sterilization notes added by Aarron.

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The Fleur De Lis Silicone Seduction Vibrator

by on May.25, 2011, under Spice

Vibrators have come a long way over the years.
You can find find buzzy fun in many crazy shapes and sizes.
Some are downright bizarre.
Through it all though, the classic shaped vibes have never disappeared.
The reason these fabulous and simple vibrators have stood the test of time is simple.
They work!
Here is the Fleur De Lis Silicone Seduction.

Fleur De Lis silicone seduction

I am showing it here in it’s fun little case.
All vibrators should come with fun cases for storage and travel.
The case for the seduction is a bit different than most.
It’s kinda a hassle because first you must screw the time capsule looking top off, then you must screw the vibe from the base.
The bonus to this though is that you can put the toy in its case and it will not touch the sides of the container and will remain dust free.
Truth be told… I actually requested the silicone seduction from Edenfantasys for review partially because of the packaging.
I had been browsing Edenfantasys great sex toys selection looking for a nice silicone toy and it just stood out for me.
I love classic vibes, and love silicone because you can easily clean it with a 10% bleach solution so it is safe for sharing with friends.

Here is a picture of the Silicone Seduction in all it’s fabulous glory while still attached to it’s base.

Seduction by Evolved is a classic vibrator

The Seduction Vibrator is pretty standard in shape and size.
The insert-able length is 6 inches, diameter 1 1/4 inches and largest circumference measuring 4 3/4 inches.
It is silky smooth!
Though the Seduction is very firm… it does have some bend to it.
No jiggle/wiggle bend, just some give under pressure.
Classic vibes should be stiff or firm in my opinion. This one is perfect.

Fleur De Lis silicone seduction vibrator can bend

The Waterproof silicone Seduction Traditional Style Vibrators:

  • Made by Evolved Novelties
  • Part of their classy Fleur De Lis lineup
  • Insertable portion Made of body safe silicone
  • Available in purple or pink
  • Is waterproof
  • Very low noise
  • Medium powered vibration
  • Silky smooth

You can get the Silicone Seduction at EdenFantasys.

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