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How to please another woman

by on Nov.18, 2010, under Insecurities, Newbie Help


I have agreed to try swinging with my husband because I want to experience what it is like with a woman.
I have never had sex with a woman before though and am very worried I won’t know what to do.
Any advice on what I should do to please another woman?

By Miranda-
I will tell you that my first experience with a woman launched me into my own bisexuality. 
Now I’m not saying that’s what is going to happen with you, who knows you may not enjoy it at all but if you’re wanting to experiment chances are you have some bisexual tendencies. 
My only advice to you on how to please a woman is this,  Its your first time and so what I want you to do is not get hung up on how to get her off  but experience her to the fullest.  Enjoy her taste and smell.  Feel how her pussy feels on your tongue and listen to the sounds she makes and the way she moves her pelvis when you do certain things.  Taste deep and enjoy every bit of the experience.  Use your tongue in different ways, hard strokes and light lick.  Don’t be shy and  embrace her sweetness.  Use your fingers (trim nails) to enter her pussy and work them in and out as your lick her clit.  Make sure you open your senses to her needs and desires just as you would while giving a man head.  
I love playing with woman and making them cum but if it doesn’t happen I just enjoy the experience. 
The woman I  have played with in swinging  have all been playful and sensual and every experience has been an absolute treat. 
Go into it thinking of the experience and not the goal and I bet you’ll have a fantastic time.

By Aarron-
Being a guy I obviously can’t give you the same sort of advice Miranda can, but I do have a rather unique perspective on bisexual curiosity and first time woman to woman sexual situations because I have been involved in those first time experiences for many women hundreds of times.
What I can say is “don’t worry.”
Just go with the flow and enjoy yourself.
If you end up having a first experience with another woman who is also new to girl on girl sex then you will get the joy of mutual exploration.
That in itself is sexy as heck.
If you end up having an experience with someone who has been with women many times you will get to be the student and learn through example.
Either way is great.
So my advice: Relax as much as possible and enjoy.

Recommended Reading:
Women Loving Women

Appreciating and Exploring the Beauty of Erotic Female Encounters.
With beautiful photos and a great text, this is an excellent guide for women who are not quite sure what to expect, what to do, how to act.

This book has a great chapter on oral sex (how to get it hot) and a very unique chapter on threesomes that gives the perspectives of both males and females.

It should be noted however that this is NOT a lesbian sex book.
Women Loving Women is targeted towards the primarily straight woman with an interest in girl plus girl sex. Think Bi Curious – Not truly bisexual or experienced.
The photos however are sweet and sexy enough (without going to far) for anybody with an interest in the subject to enjoy.
Good Stuff!

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Thinking I may be a lesbian

by on Oct.04, 2010, under Newbie Help, Sexuality, Spice


We had our first swinging experience recently and I got my first taste of another woman. I had never even thought about having sex with a woman until we stated talking about swinging and now that I have had a woman I think I may be a lesbian. Touching and kissing another woman was the most erotic and satisfying sexual experience I have ever had. I still love my husband of course, but I just can’t stop thinking about being with other women. How can I sort this out?

By Miranda-
Okay so advice from a woman who just found out this year she is bisexual. 
If at first you do enjoy try try again.  There is nothing worse than the stereo type we are either born one way or the other.  I enjoy both sexes equally and thrilled at any chance I get to befriend another woman and play with her.  It really does create a fantastic friendship. 
As for you doubting your sexually I really wouldn’t worry about it.   You said so yourself – you love your husband.  After I played with my first female I wanted to do it again and again and again right NOW!!! 
Doesn’t it feel wonderful to explore a woman’s body and see how she ticks?  It’s new and exciting and I now fully understand why woman have been painted with such amazing sexually through out the ages. 
If you are curious to whether or not you are a lesbian, my advice is to play with a man who isn’t your husband to see.  I personally believe you’re riding a great high right now but to truly discover your inner most sexual preference you need to play around a bit more with both sexes.  One experience doesn’t make you a lesbian, take the time to enjoy both maybe you will have a true preference or maybe you won’t.  But always be true to yourself and if something doesn’t feel right don’t do it.  Life should be filled with positive fulfilling sexual relationships…happy exploring!

By Aarron-
One experience is certainly not something you should decide to define your entire sexuality on.
For all you know it was that particular woman who made you soar so high and other women may not even get you fired up.
If you love your husband and enjoy sex with him it is doubtful you can turn lesbian over night.
No matter how great that experience was it doesn’t change what you have enjoyed in the past with your husband and any other men you may have had sexual relations with.
I am glad you had such a great time and I hope it sends you on the path to many more, but with just one girl plus girl sex experience I would say you are still exploring your bisexual side.
Keep a level head and enjoy swinging for what it is. “play.”
Explore your options with both men and women whom you find attractive and after you have had many more play sessions then maybe you can start to self label yourself in such a manner if you so desire.
Even then… remember that a label is just a way people like to put our sexuality into little boxes.
No boxes are really required.
Just be who you are and go with the flow of life.
If that flow of life brings you into the realm of more and more girl plus girl sex then cool.
If it doesn’t then that is cool too.

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