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Review by Miranda

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I bought this stuff from Castle for $8.99 because my husband loves banana flavored stuff.
The Castle site has the product listed for $7.99, but it was more in store.
Not sure why.
Amazon has it for just $5.87 with a listed price of $8.79
Oralicious - Banan Split
This is the description of the product on the Castle site:
"This amazing cream not only numbs and tickles the throat, but also has a smooth/cooling rich taste and aroma, which provides both partners a euphoric experience."

It didn't say anything about numb at the store.
The back of the product says:
"Bring your partner to new euphoric heights with this tasty and tantalizing oral sex cream!"
It then goes on with this statement:
"Experience erotic sensations beyond your wildest dreams."
Absolutely nothing about numbing.
I don't trust numbing stuff for many a good reason.
Chemicals are number one.
I failed to read the ingredients because I had been in a hurry, and then was excited.
bannana flavor yuk

Here is what I got.
A numb tongue. A gross chemical taste that pushed my gag reflex at first and then left me trying to get the taste gone with both teeth brushing and mouth rinse.
Didn't work.
That came from just the most tiny taste!
My husband who loves banana flavors tried it too.
Same thing.
He then somehow got the idea that maybe with pussy juice it would taste right.
I was just smart enough to go along with his brilliant idea.
Result was more icky taste for him and a dead feeling tongue.
For me it was a slightly numb, but still burning clitoris.
Great stuff this.
Don't buy it!

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